California should double its coronavirus testing to control outbreak, Harvard scientists say

Estimates show California currently conducts 85,000 coronavirus tests per day

By Madeline Farber | Fox News

California must double the number of tests in order to contain its recent surge of coronavirus cases, Harvard University recently said.

In a report from the Harvard Global Health Institute, scientists explained the differences between mitigation and suppression in relation to COVID-19.

“Currently, a lot of states are essentially aiming for mitigation level testing: The focus is on reducing the spread of the virus through broad testing of symptomatic people, tracing and testing a recommended 10 contacts per new case and isolating positive contacts, and social distancing, mask wearing or stay-at-home orders as necessary,” they wrote.

However, they warned, “There is a challenge with this approach: As states open up, mitigation level testing is often not sufficient to prevent new outbreaks.”

Read the rest of the story on Fox News

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William Hicks
William Hicks
6 months ago

The trouble with this is when it gets into the hands of politicians and they manipulate the numbers to indicate we are having spikes in the virus. We don’t even know what knowing how many people have been exposed, had the symptoms or not, signifies. Instead of bad news, it may mean we are gaining herd immunity.

God help us that we aren’t being ambushed into thinking we need to go back into house arrest just because some politicians want to affect the upcoming November election.