California sues over changes to birth control coverage rule

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California sued the Trump administration Friday, claiming that it unlawfully discriminated against women in its decision to limit a rule that requires employers to provide for contraceptives in their health insurance plans. The lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco says the new rules jeopardize the Affordable Care Act requirement that employers…

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William Hicks
William Hicks
3 years ago

SO, who is it that can’t afford a birth control pill or a condom? With the slightest possibility that there are people out there who can’t afford birth control, why isn’t this only offered to those who can’t afford it and do want it?

OR, is there another reason for this “need”, real or perceived? Could it be just one more thing that we have to go to the government for? Like many politicians they create a “need” and require that need to only be filled by the government. The more things that are “needed only by government,” the less personal freedom and responsibility the individual will have.