California – The Blue Prize in the GOP Battle

By Debra Tash

California for the last six presidential election cycles has become a given for the Democratic party.  The polls close and five seconds later the newshounds call the state for the Dem.  Nobody has to work California’s political scene…it’s a done deal.  But not this year, at least, not in the race for the GOP nomination, no matter how late it comes in the cycle.  California is getting some ink, or in the digital age, a good number of data bits from the politicos.

The state has become the brass ring in the final push to the party’s July 18th convention. This has been a contiguous free-for-all in the Grand Old Party’s presidential race.  With the state’s primary on June 7th, and 172 delegates up for grabs, California is a mighty juicy price.

Our state has fifty eight counties and fifty three Congressional districts.  But before The Donald cries foul again, he better learn the rules. California is winner takes all — in each of its fifty three Congressional districts — not winner takes all in a statewide vote.  That makes for fifty three battlefields and Ventura County is divided between three of them: Lois Capps – District 24, Steve Knight – District 25 and Julia Brownley District 26.

Like a modern day gold rush the two GOP front-runners, businessman Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, are vying for the mother lode.  And that mother lode is about the ground game and messaging policies, not memes, sly Tweeter attacks or “off the cuff” remarks that spill from a candidate’s mouth. 

The Donald seems to have perfected the later, beginning with his questioning of Dr. Carson’s faith, then the neurosurgeon’s temper.  After all, Ben threatened his mother with a hammer when the doc was in his teens.  Then Trump accused Senator Cruz of stealing the Iowa caucuses with a tweet.  It became, “Poor Ben.” mean old Ted made off with his votes. Trump went on to insult Carly Fiorina’s face and coined the oft repeated moniker, “Lyin’ Ted.”  And worse of all, his loathsome tweet  comparing former model, and Trump’s current wife’s looks to Heidi Cruz.  This childish move was supposedly committed because Make America Awesome, a pro Cruz/Anti-Trump Super PAC ran an ad with a GQ photo of Melania Trump in her nimble furry rug, glory days.  So there, you take that, Lyin’ Ted, because that photo of my wife cost me the Utah primary. Cruz didn’t, by law, consult with the PAC.  And Utah is the reddest of the red states which could be the reason their GOP voters went for a Constitutional Conservative.


And of course, you know, Cruz is a Canadian, even though the lawsuits thus far brought against his edibility to run for president have been tossed out one by one.  The latest: BREAKING. Ted Cruz Birther Lawsuit Tossed Of [sic] Of Court In New Jersey.  Let’s not go down that unproductive road, please.

So far The Donald’s actions show he can play by the rules if they suit his goals and cry, foul, when they don’t.  In Colorado Trump lamented that “the people” didn’t get to vote – for him.  He neglected to learn how the state GOP’s convention system worked.  The system may have been rigged by the party insiders as the Denver Post reported: Angry Donald Trump blasts Colorado GOP results as “totally unfair”   But he didn’t do his homework and “didn’t put a visible paid staffer on the ground in Colorado until last week [before the state convention], when it hired Patrick Davis, a Colorado Springs political consultant, to organize national delegate candidates at the 7th Congressional District convention in Arvada.” (The Denver Post).

Now Trump has pulled back his talons as reported in the Denver Post: “Cooler heads prevailed.” Trump won’t protest delegate loss in Colorado  Maybe he realized that sometimes whining doesn’t make your case, especially if you are running for president, The Miami Herald: Donald Trump’s misleading complaints about election rigging in Florida and Colorado  In other words, enough already, be grownup.

If The Donald is going to help America “win again” maybe he should put some effort into winning.  That goes for Colorado and Florida, and wherever else he hasn’t garnered a complete victory.

The Donald has hired Tim Clark, a GOP political consultant (yea, paid insider) to run his California team.  Mr. Trump is, at last, and on a nationwide stage and in California, trying to “act presidential”.  How refreshing.   Maybe he won’t pout if he doesn’t take home all the Californian marbles.

Cruz’s campaign is already gearing up to enlist a wing of the GOP to work in his campaign that has been severely fractured by Donald — the Conservative base.  Reported in The Daily Caller: “The secret group for conservatives in Hollywood called Friends of Abe has notified members its organization is coming to an end, at least the way it stands now. And some say it’s because of internal fighting over Donald Trump.”

Oh well…we’re going to make America great again, so who needs them?  Doesn’t that phrase, “We’re going to make America great again,” remind you of, “Hope and Change”?  The Donald has done more damage to the Grand Old Party, one he supposedly belongs to, than any Democratic operative could have ever hoped.

The battle for California’s delegates, like the greater battle over the GOP nomination, will be fought on Social Media, a million Tweeter feeds and Facebook.  We have become a 140 character, quick post nation.  Maybe someone who knows the rules, who runs a positive campaign and who hasn’t sunk to the level of name calling and biting quips, should be considered for our highest office.  A leader doesn’t have to “act” presidential — he or she just is.



Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis.

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William "Bill" Hicks

Always interesting how candidates strategize in primaries but only one thing really matters and that’s how the general election plays out.

My guess is that the republicans, fractured as they may be, are still more likely to win the contest regardless of who wins at the primary.

My personal prophecy.

Phil Erwin

Yes, “Make America Great Again” and “Hope and Change” are equivalently vacuous slogans, chosen by astute politicians who recognize that the game is won or lost by clever catch-phrase advertising, not by how clever your policies might be. Trump’s ascendancy to GOP stardom has damaged the party; but his ascendancy was made possible by the party’s self-inflicted wounds. Likewise, Democrats face serious changes in their own party’s base, as millions of poorly-educated kids flowing through their Liberal-dominated colleges and universities begin their voting lives not knowing the functional difference between Capitalism and Socialism. (Polls now show Hillary in a statistical dead-heat in California with Socialist Bernie Sanders!) If Democrats win in November, the bankrupting of the nation will be squarely on their backs, and we will be well down the road Europeans are recognizing to be the proverbial Road to Ruin. “Progressives” are about to achieve their heart’s desire – An America that is indistinguishable from Europe. But we will be joining Europe in the dustbin of History, with only ourselves to blame.