California’s Land and Water Wars–The Green Agenda to Destroy Your Property Rights





Michael Greer

Michael Greer

By Michael Greer

American Freedom Alliance’s conference, held at the Olympic Connection, was so full of information most of us don’t have, and desperately need, in order to form intelligent decisions about the direction of our country, it takes some time to process it all.

The Conference started with a panel that included two ranchers, Frank Marshall and Debbie Bacigalupi, and Michael Coffman, an expert on land use. Mr. Marshall spoke about the Department of the Interior wanting to remove 75,000 dams across the country. They are starting in Siskiyou County, California. There are four dams on the Klamath River that are scheduled to be demolished. Even though these dams have been providing clean hydro-electric energy and water to the surrounding cities and farms, even though the cities and farms would have to buy water and electricity from less reliable and much more expensive sources, the government is determined to destroy them. The people in those areas have offered reasonable solutions to protect the salmon, like fish ladders and tunnels (that have been proven to work) but Ken Salazar, the head of the the Department of the Interior, said the dams ARE coming down.


Klamath River Dam – slated for removal

The result of the dams being destroyed will be to release silt that will kill the fish and plant life in its path, all the way to the ocean, for perhaps as long as 60 years. We won’t know if the fish will ever come back. So, what is their real purpose? Agenda 21 results in no private ownership of property. This is just one of many ways to drive people out of rural areas and end privately-owned farms. The farmers can’t afford the long legal battles, and will ultimately give up.

Agenda 21 bans privately owned farms, ranches, homes, and cars. Water is being rationed to put farms and ranches out of business. The EPA is planning on regulating cow farts. That would be hysterically funny, if they weren’t serious. They want to reduce methane from cows by 25%. The only way that is possible is to reduce the number of cows by 25%. Doubtless, they will come back and want further reductions later.

America used to be the country with the most property rights, but since 1980 we have dropped to 47th place. There are 87,000 new regulations that are eroding our liberty by eroding our property rights. The cost to comply with these regulations is $1.86 TRILLION or $14,974 a year per family. Think what you could do with that $14, 974!

Debbie Bacigalupi’s family have been ranchers in Siskiyou County for generations. She went over how President Clinton’s “President’s Council on Sustainable Development” created cabinet-level positions to implement Agenda 21 through these departments. It was at this point that our government went from one that served its citizens to one that controlled its citizens.

Here is a video of Nancy Pelosi, who sponsored Agenda 21, introducing it to Congress in October of 1993:

It is after this that regional government commissions were formed. This happened without the knowledge or consent of the citizens. Here in Los Angeles it’s called the SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments). Their plans override your city’s plans.

If you want more information, you might read “Sustainable America” (forward by Al Gore) for fun (sarcasm).–/dp/0935755543/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1399316082&sr=1-1&keywords=sustainable+america

The object of these regional government commissions is to “amend national policies to achieve international objectives”. If you had been asked if you wanted our country to do this, would you have agreed to it?

The guide book for these regional government commissions is “Global Biodiversity Assessment: Summary for Policy-Makers” (

It is one of the most anti-human books you could find. It places animals and earth over humans. I always wonder why these people don’t recognize that humans are indigenous to earth too. That it is normal for the human species to travel and explore. As the government takes over private property for “wildlife corridors”, they restrict human movement.

Michael Coffman is a land use expert, he is the man responsible for the biodiversity maps that stopped the Global Biodiversity Treaty from being ratified. The day Bio.diverseCongress was to vote on the treaty, the map was displayed on the floor of the Senate. The reality of what this treaty would result in changed the vote. Sadly, it is being implemented anyway through the EPA, the Department of the Interior, the BLM, Fish and Game, and other agencies.

As we speak, in the Headquarters of Yosemite National park there is a plaque on the wall that says Yosemite is part of an International Biosphere. And they are removing food concessions, bike rentals, pools, cabins, and parking. When you look at the Global Biosphere map, you can see these areas are designated for “no human use”.

Piedad Ayala, a farmer from the San Joaquin Valley spoke about the human casualties of the water shut-off to the central valley. Piedad is a true example of the American Dream. He started as a farm worker and rose to farm-owner and racehorse breeder. Cutting off water to the valley destroyed his farms. He had built housing for his workers at his own expense. He said they were like family. Many of them had worked for him for over 20 years. Even though he no longer had work for them, he allowed them to stay in their houses. Piedad started an organization,, to fight back. He organized a march up highway 5 to the main water pump station, to demand the water be turned back on. He was on Sean Hannity’s show, to explain why there was no reason to shut off the water. He has been attacked by the IRS, Department of Labor, EPA, BLM, and Fish and Game. His website was hacked and shut down by the government. The water shut-off has resulted in 46% unemployment in the San Joaquin Valley, and we are having to buy our produce from other countries.

After all, our president said, “We can’t drive our SUV’s, and eat as much as we want, and keep our homes at 72 degrees at all times, and then just expect that other countries are going to say okay”.

The few farmers that are still farming are doing so because they have their own water wells on their property. California State Senator Pavley has a bill before the legislature that will take water rights from private property owners. This would transfer all water rights to the State, and the State can then prevent the few farmers left from using their water.


Fran Pavley at Plug in Day with Sierra Club

Sheriff Mack explained how the Sheriffs are the only ones standing between the citizens and the government. They are the ones defending our Second Amendment and property rights. He said to make sure you elect Sheriffs who stand for the Constitution.


Sheriff Richard Mack

It is the state legislatures’ duty to use their power under the Tenth Amendment to prevent the Federal government from victimizing people. We MUST take back our states’ sovereignty.

Sheriff Mack quoted MLK who said we have the moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. He also quoted Thomas Jefferson who said, laws are but tools of the tyrant.

Ken Ivory, Utah Legislator, joined us by Skype. His website,, explains what the Bundy Ranch argument is about. All newly created states assigned their public lands to the Federal government. It wasn’t just Nevada. The Federal government was a “trustee” that was to return the lands to the states. Until 1976, that was happening. The government returned the land to the Eastern states but stopped returning them in 1976. And as trustee the Feds were to manage the land, but they aren’t. Bundy’s argument is that the Federal government should have given the land back to Nevada long before they started charging grazing fees in 1993. They also weren’t maintaining the lands, which was part of the agreement.

The EPA has shut down logging in Montana, Utah, and Northern California, decimating rural communities who depend on the industry. Forests are so overgrown, they are dying. The EPA won’t allow any timber to be taken from them, even dead wood lying on the ground. The forests have become tinder boxes. Forest fires have gotten much worse, not because of “global warming”, but because of the mismanagement of the EPA, BLM, and DOI.

We also have more oil and minerals on Federal lands than all the countries in the world. But our government won’t let us use them. Our entire economy would turn around if we could use those resources. I highly recommend everyone go to Ken’s website to understand why we need these lands returned to the states. Ken and his organization are very active on twitter. They use the hashtags #TransferPublicLands and #BiggerThanBundy.

David Spady from Americans for Prosperity spoke about wolves being reintroduced around California. There haven’t been any wolves in California for decades.

David Spady  Americans for Prosperity

David Spady
Americans for Prosperity

This is not about wolves being endangered, they’re not. It is, again, about destroying private farms and ranches, and forcing people off rural lands, and into cities.

In Northern California rural communities, the children have to wait in “kid cages” for their school buses. This is supposed to protect them from the wolves. Are you kidding?

David Spady and Debbie Bacigalupi traveled around the area, taking pictures of the “kid cages”, and the destruction being done by wolf packs. They had pictures of entire hillsides littered with dead sheep, killed by wolf packs. If your livelihood was raising sheep, what do you think this would do to your ability to make a living? Ranchers are not allowed to shoot the wolves, or capture and relocate them.

Paul Rodriquez was unable to attend in person, but he made a video that told about his family’s farm, and the devastation to the central valley. This was a hard lesson for him to learn about government turning on its citizens.

Marc Harris, who specializes in environmental challenges to development, walked us through a project to renovate an old shopping center. All the meaningless american.freedom alliancerestrictions and laughable offsets. All the ways they inflate the costs. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to take on such a challenge.

This conference will be available on video at We are being attacked on all sides. Now is not the time to give up. If enough of us understand what is behind everything that is happening, and spread the information to others, more would stand against it.


Michael Greer is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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[…] in 2014, Spady was among the keynote speakers at a conference of the far-right American Freedom Alliance. Among the other speakers was Richard Mack, the former […]


[…] in 2014, Spady was among the keynote speakers at a conference of the far-right American Freedom Alliance. Among the other speakers was Richard Mack, the former […]