California’s newest left-wing nuttery: Swap police for more sex ed.

Bob Kellogg (

A public-school teacher in California who documents her state’s far-left agenda has stumbled upon a new one: Training youths to boot the police from their school campuses and use the funds to promote sex education.

Advocates for Youth, a left-wing group that promotes sex education, held a mid-January training program with the goal of training students to kick the police out of their schools and use the funding to promote students’ “health and rights.”  

The training program was noticed by teacher Brenda Lebsack, who operates the website and tells One News Now how the money currently funding police officers’ would be redirected.

“They want to defund the police,” she warns, “in order to have money to reallocate to teach kids sexual rights and to help create student activists for far-left causes.”

Lebsack’s website includes an Advocates promotional banner (pictured above) describing its push to “divest from policing” in order to “invest in young people’s health and rights.”

The training program was held in the San Diego Unified School District, the second largest in California, where approximately 135,000 students are taught in 200 school buildings at an annual cost of $1.3 billion. Within that enormous school bureaucracy, San Diego’s school district police force employs 38 full-time officers including its chief of police according to its website.

The most common crimes are petty theft and parking violations.

The police website shows the officers are involved in community policing in the school district, such as the “True Blue Buddies Program” that adopts an elementary school to mentor each year.

The police department also holds a “Coffee with the Cops” to meet students, school staff, and parents, and explain the role of police on campuses. 

According to the police department’s Facebook page, the police officers organized a Thanksgiving food drive last year and, before that, wore pink police patches to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

According to Lebsack, it is “ridiculous” to train youths to get rid of police officers, who are on campus to protect them, based on the claim by Leftists that doing so stops the so-called school-to-prison pipeline. 

“It will create more mayhem. It will create more chaos,” she predicts. “It will not create a safer campus.”

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