California’s ‘Shape-Shifting’ Voting Results

Why did ballot counts shift dramatically after the June election was certified?

Election Integrity Project

Election Integrity Project California, Inc.(EIPCa), a citizen-funded nonpartisan election oversight group, today reported that it has found troubling inconsistencies between the posted election results and the state’s official voting records for the June 5, 2018 Primary election in the four counties it has studied. EIPCa analysts compared the official, final June 5 election results posted on the websites of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura counties to the state’s official “VoteCal” voting records for each registered voter. The numbers show (i) dramatic decreases in the number of poll ballots and (ii) dramatic increases in the number of mail ballots reported in VoteCal just three and one half months after the Primary election was certified. Los Angeles County results are shown below. Orange, Riverside and Ventura counties showed similar patterns*.


Official Results**

VoteCal Voting Records  


Los Angeles County 6/29/18 10/17/18  
# poll ballots 825,427 669,448 -155,979
# mail ballots 665,075 798,753 +133,678
# early ballots 7  
# conditional ballots —  472  
Total 1,490,502 1,468,680 -21,822

VoteCal is California’s official database for federal elections. After an election’s ballots are counted and reported, each ballot is attributed to a voter in his or her official voting history. It is to be expected that the numbers of ballots in the voting histories will change after an election due to cancellation of registrations for those who have died or relocated and the addition of voters entering the county over time. However, the dramatic shifts between poll ballots and mail ballots is illogically inexplicable and troubling.

EIPCa analysts dug deeper and found that almost 100,000 June primary voters in Los Angeles County were listed as casting poll ballots in the county data but were listed as casting mail ballots in the state’s VoteCal data. This would help explain the shifts between the two data sources, but leaves unexplained why the change occurred, since the county and state data sources should contain identical information.

“In today’s heated political environment, voters’ confidence in elections is being shaken across the country and especially in California,” stated Linda Paine, EIPCa’s President. “Inconsistencies in the reporting of votes makes it impossible for citizen groups like EIPCa to independently validate the results of elections. California voters deserve to know that their votes are accurately counted and accounted for. EIPCa will continue to seek answers.”

*For results in Orange, Riverside and Ventura counties: 5_2018.pdf

**Link to official Los Angeles Co. results:


Linda Paine

President and Co-founder  

Election Integrity Project California

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