Call for Americans to Stop Obama’s Refugee Crisis to move inland to Murietta California–July 4th protest

buy times;”>By Jeff Schwilk

discount times;”>Here’s the latest from my local Border Patrol sources:

cialis times;”>The three buses turned away from the Murrieta border patrol station yesterday did not go back up to Murrieta.  The 140 aliens were processed at several San Diego area border patrol stations last night and today.  About twelve aliens are being held in quarantine due to head lice, scabies, and other illnesses.  At least three children had to be taken to the hospital last night with fevers and other illnesses.  Of note, several “mothers” asked border patrol agents at the Imperial Beach Station to help them change the diapers of their alleged children.  Agents suspect that women are smuggling babies and children that are not their own.

The next flight of 140 aliens comes in to San Diego on Friday, probably around noon.  Every three days, indefinitely.  They plan to process them quickly (interview and fingerprints) at Murrieta by the Border Patrol and then they will be driven by ICE in unmarked vans to bus stations in Perris and Riverside for transportation to their new homes all over the western U.S.

Each flight of 140 illegal aliens from Texas to San Diego costs taxpayers $70,000.  The Obama Administration is now the world’s largest human trafficking organization, and taxpayer is paying for it.

Murrieta residents are calling for all able body citizens to help them stop Friday’s buses from entering the Murrieta station.  We need a large show of force to shut off these alien flights to California permanently.

Here is a 90 second video link from a Border Patrol agent reporting from a Greyhound station.  

These Obama refugee kids, with all their diseases, will be going to your local schools in September. Brandon Darby, Breitbart News Video Interview: HERE

San Diego Border Patrol Union Rep exposes Obama’s de facto amnesty for most illegal aliens they catch Gabe Pacheco: HERE

Next Protest/Bus Block 

When:  Friday, July 4, 11am until mission complete.  No alien transfers/dumping on OUR Independence Day!

What:  Bring signs or flags.  Act civilly.  Our protest is against the Obama Administration, not the children on the buses and not against the police and the border patrol agents.

Where:  Outside the Murrieta Border Patrol Station, 25762 Madison Ave., Murrieta, CA 92592, (951) 816-3000

Organized by concerned Murrieta residents.

Jeff Schwilk resides in Oceanside and is a member of San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition


Protesters block buses carrying illegal immigrants to Murrieta Border Patrol station–July 1st 2014


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Eric Dee

According to comments from the President of the Murietta Chamber of Commerce, the majority of residents are not represented by those that end up on tv. We had 20 public speakers at the city council meeting this week, only 5 were from Murrieta. Most were from la or orange county.