Call to Action | Push back against Defunding the Camarillo Police Department

Editor’s note: Please write letters of opposition to this and send them to the council. Councilmember Craven has alerted citizens to take action against this move. Council contact information below.

Susan Santangelo brought this to the City Council at our June 10th meeting:  to “defund” the police department and to support Black Lives Matter.  She has the support of the Democratic Club of Camarillo and the Democratic Moms of Camarillo (a FaceBook group).  They are writing letters by the dozens.  So far we’ve only had a handful of letters, mostly from people who live in the barrio, who depend upon the police. 

If the City were to move money from the police contract and then give some of it to the County Department of Mental Health and some more of it to the County Department of Social Services, it would affect those who live in the heights, Estates, Somis and Santa Rosa Valley, as well as the city, because their Sheriff’s Department headquarters are in the city police building, and the response time to their homes would be a longer time, as well.  The Sheriff’s contract item should be coming to the Council in late July or late August or even September.

On the other hand, a resolution to support Black Lives Matter will most likely come up on July 8th; Susan Santangelo and Shawn Mulchay are going to write that up and get it out to Councilmembers before the July 8 meeting.  At tonight’s meeting I stated that, while I believe that the lives of black people matter, I also believe the lives of brown people matter, as with the lives of all other groups, and got a whole lot of push-back.   

This is an election year, and two Councilmembers are up for election.  They will be listening to what the populace says and also to what the letter writers have to say, at least in their Districts.  I really some support input to maintain our police department and to not funnel off part of what we pay the Sheriff’s Department to the County Department of Social Services and the County Department of Mental Health, and who knows where else they want to send it.  For the past two City Council meetings I’ve felt like a lone wolf on this topic, and I really don’t feel that the majority of Camarillo residents are in favor of defunding the police, but the Council needs input within the next 2-4 weeks on these issues.  Please spread the word.

Charlotte Craven, Camarillo City Councilmember

Send Comments to: 

Camarillo City Council:

Phone   (805) 388-5307 
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[email protected] 

Camarillo City Manager:

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Fax   (805) 388-5318  

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Write to Council:

Camarillo City Council

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Peter Germann

Please do not defund our police department. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, where police resources were spread thin and response time was ridiculously long. I witnessed an abduction there and followed the perpetrator and victim while my wife phoned in and updated the location. The officers there were not only slow to respond, but reluctant to take action because they lack support from their community.

Since I have moved to Camarillo, I have had nothing but great experiences with our law enforcement members. Their response time is great and they are careful not to escalate volatile situations, such as those I have witnessed in my area involving domestic disputes, rowdy parties, burglary investigations, parole violations and collisions.

I support and commend our police for keeping our neighborhood safe.


[…] City Coucilmember Charlotte Craven published this article stating that, at their meeting on June 10th, fellow Councilmember Susan Santangelo […]


I’m sure the overdosed druggie pulled out of the Avalon Apartments pool is glad to be alive today. due to the actions of the police here in Camarillo who pulled him out before they died.

It’s not just white people who benefit from the police here..

Mike Smith

Those willing to have the Ventura County Sheriffs Office Camarillo Patrol Operations Division defunded are >not< persuadable through fact-based reasoning.

This INCLUDES the 3 Camarillo politicians most likely to use their political power to defund: Vice Mayor Susan Santangelo, and city Councilmembers Shawn Mulchay and Kevin Kildee.

The question is, will Mayor Tony Trembley fold and give these 3 leftists (who form the city council’s 3-to-5 DEMOCRAT MAJORITY) the practical authority to defund?


I support Santangelo and she’s doing an amazing job for Camarillo. We do need to look into this, the last thing I heard is that we rent the police from the Ventura County Sheriff‘s Department. That could’ve changed but if not we need to look into that. Also a white person calling a neighborhood a “barrio” is 100% genuine certified racist. I am white and I even know that! Camarillo is where I was born, raised and currently live and I am glad I voted for her.


Amanda, please stop being racist and living with all those white people and their caucasity. It’s poisonous. Join me here in Oxnard where we call the whole town a barrio because it’s only fair. To make everyone feel welcome, we leave our valuables on our front porches to make sure our abundant porch pirates feel they are appreciated and needed. So give it up Amanda, move to Oxnard and be guilt free. Quit feeding white Caucastic privilege.

Kevin Schallert

I called Camarillo home for 5 years during and shortly after my time at CSU Channel Islands. As an affluent white guy, I have a lot of feelings about this conversation but the biggest one is shame. I should have done better to listen to people who listen and spend different than me. This is a clear example that I am not alone in my failure. Let’s do better, and maybe an easy way to start is to not call a neighborhood in Camarillo the barrio.


[…] City Coucilmember Charlotte Craven published this article stating that, at their meeting on June 10th, fellow Councilmember Susan Santangelo […]

Check It Out

Go to the BLM website. BLM is against the traditional, nuclear family and promotes a collective, Marxist society. Read it for yourself.

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

Racism is wrong but BLM the organization is also wrong in many ways


[…] City Coucilmember Charlotte Craven published this article stating that, at their meeting on June 10th, fellow Councilmember Susan Santangelo […]


I was born and raised in Camarillo and have lived here most of my 71 years. I did spend the 70’s living in Washington, D.C. just a couple of blocks from the White House where Black Lives Matter was recently painted on 16th Street.
When my husband told me that the Camarillo Council is considering defunding the police, I was almost as flabbergasted as when I watched the policeman kneeling on George Floyd’s neck. I thought that BLM and defunding the police would NEVER reach little ole Camarillo! Guess I was wrong! This is absolutely the most absurd idea for Camarillo, EVER! I’m but one person, but I know I am speaking for many here in Camarillo – DO NOT DEFUND THE POLICE!! (YES, THIS IS TYPED IN ALL CAPS – GET THE POINT?)

Dong Jiang

As a long time Castillo resident, I ask for your support for our Police Department. For those politicians, please do not tamper something which is working well. I do not believe it is in the best interest of all the residents here to defund our Police Department. Camarillo has always been one of the safest cities in the country. Camarillo Police Department is one of the major contributors to the success. Undermining it , will only bring trouble.

Don Erickson

We need to support our men and women in law enforcement, not defund them. They have a very difficult job keeping the peace, a job very few want to do. Law and order is a must on a national level!. Ventura County has always been a great and safe place to live. Let’s keep it that way by supporting our law enforcement.


Since this group of people seems to have very little regard for what is happening beyond your own echo chambers, here are some things to consider:

1. Santangelo did not call to defund the police in the city council meeting. She in fact said she stands with police. She did state that the city should revisit the police contract when it comes up for renewal, which is a good practice for any city contract that spends the city’s money. Charlotte Craven is manipulating you to use your voices for her own agenda. Watch the recording.

2. You’re right, Camarillo is not Chicago or Minneapolis therefore we should not be swept up in that rhetoric. We should, however, listen to what our community is telling us, and that is what Santangelo is doing. She is hearing from her constituents and responding in kind as is an elected official’s duty. That’s right, there are many people in this town who DO believe that some money should be taken from the police budget and transferred to other human services. Get used to it. Camarillo is getting younger and more liberal every day.

3. The Black Lives Matter movement is not going away. Black people are our neighbors in this community and in communities everywhere, and until their rights and safety are secure, none of our rights or safety is secure. If that makes you feel “more unsafe than ever”, then that is a problem with your own racism, and which no level of policing will ever be able to change. I have heard suggested on this thread that defunding police will mean an increase in “the criminal element of the black community”; until that assumption and all similar racism out of which that is born is extinguished, there is every reason to remind folks like yourselves that Black lives matter here and everywhere.

In closing, I ask that each of you reflect on the great privilege you have: presumably, your interactions with the police have all been positive. If we do not have the empathetic imagination that allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of our neighbors who are calling for change, then how can we be a part of imagining positive change in our city, state, and country?


Everybody has a perspective.

As a resident of Ventura County for over 59 years, I do not agree with your views.

We are Americans first, in my case of a diverse Latino/Hispanic heritage; and we come from generations of military background. Experiencing the overseas ground and pound tours, first hand. In lands with corrupt, or little or no law enforcement. We remember the many movements of the 60’s and 70’s, and the confusion and turmoil it brought into our local neighborhoods here in southern California. How could we ever forget these times. The protests, the drugs, the marches, and the gang infestation. I feel there is a more civil, proper, and peaceful way to handle these situations. It is not by instilling fear, pushing people around, causing confusion, and bringing the threat of harm into our homeland/communities.

Our local Camarillo Sheriffs department have a great track record. I believe that most American Peace Officers are good. There will be bad apples. So why not invest in the law enforcement by providing them, more training, more education Peace officers, and possibly a few Peace Officers educated directly in the fields of social work or psychology.

In the end, when there is trouble beyond your neighborhood, and it’s beyond your control, who do you call; the rioters, the protesters, or the Police?

Shanna Harper

In response to Lisa’s comment, your time would be better spent researching Marxism and how the BLM movement is purely political. When you donate money to the BLM website it transfers you to the “Blue Card” website and definitively shows the contribution to Joe Biden’s campaign. This is a bait and switch tactic for ignorant people. We love Camarillo just they way it is and it is NOT a racist community. The people in City Council you mention “calling for change” are white democrats so I do not understand your accusations of privilege. People are judged according to their good character and not the color of their skin. As to your last statement, the defunding or downsizing of the law enforcement budget is NOT a “positive change” in our community!


People seem to be asking, “Why fix something that is working well?” “We have been safe so why change?” So I decided to take some time to think about my personal interaction with the Camarillo police. In the last 2 years I have had 9 interactions with law enforcement, 2 traffic violations and 7 other peaceful occurrences. I called them 0 of 9 times, feared for my life 0 of 9 times, and appreciated 9 of 9 interactions. Even though 2 of them ended in tickets, I am grateful for the effort to make the city safer for all who live here and those who are passing through. I understand the want to come running to their defense when “defund the police” is being chanted. And honestly I had a similar reaction when I first heard it, so I decided to research the phrase. I found that “defund” does not mean abolish. Yes, the phrase is used with varying intentions and it is dependent on local government, but fundamentally it is an evaluation of a police department with a corresponding reallocation plan. All well managed businesses have annual evaluations they use to adjust and improve. Some see it as chopping down the rotten trees and replanting of fresh roots. And being a resident for most of my life, I know that Camarillo knows how to clean and replant its beautiful landscaping. In fact, the city gave refunds to households that reworked their yard for drought resistant landscape. People chose to change their personal homes for the benefit of all in the city. So why is policing different? Studies have shown that most 911 calls are for mental health services, health and EMT, and fire services. Shouldn’t the system evolve to protect and serve those who need it? The first police department began as a slave patrol and has evolved throughout the years to what we know today, why are we stopping now?

Mike McClary

We need our police department. This is not the time to make major changes in our local government. We still are in the midst of the Covid epidemic and when it’s over, we need to return to normalcy. If you want to know what defund the police would do in Camarillo, look at NY, Seattle and Chicago. To defund the police makes as much sense as defunding the army so there will be no more wars.


Mike Smith


The same anti-police League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) that Councilmember Charlotte Craven and Mayor Tony Trembley SUPPORT –as shown by their May 2018 votes approving of Camarillo’s SB54 criminal sanctuary city status –WHICH LULAC PUBLICLY LOBBIED THEM FOR at City Hall– has released the following:

“…we’re dealing with racist terrorist organizations like the Texas Rangers, who have a history of police brutality and voter suppression in Texas.”
–Domingo Garcia, National President, LULAC
Washington Times, Friday, June 19

Camarillo Mayor Tony Trembley and Councilmember Charlotte Craven SUPPORT an organization that considers the Texas Rangers a “racist”, “terrorist” organization. This is public record.

SO WHY SHOULD CAMARILLO VOTERS believe Trembley or Craven value the City of Camarillo’s contract with the Ventura County Sheriffs Office Camarillo Patrol Operations Division, any more than LULAC ‘values’ the Texas Rangers?

Glenn Cutler

There is no “systemic” racism in policing or across America. Real racism had declined steadily for 5 decades, until Obama’s divisive rhetoric reversed that trend. There are isolated incidents of racism and there will always be – because 100% elimination is not achievable.

Most of the recent high profile racism cases turned out to be false flags, hoaxes, political operations by Democrat activists who understand the Democrat party cannot hold its coalitions together without the constant fear of the racist boogieman.

Now let’s get the most important question concerning residents of Camarillo. How the heck does a racist Marxist radical like Susan Santangelo slip though the cracks and become Vice Mayor of Camarillo?

Santangelo, the AOC of Camarillo, who proclaims all whites are racist, along with City Council member Shawn Mulchay, who refuses to denounce her and has openly supported her efforts to align our city with the dangerous violent extortionists at the Democrat backed Marixist group Black Lives Matter. A dangerous direction for Camarillo.

The presence of those two radical extremists is the start of the process to mold Camarillo into the lawless image of places like Seattle, Portland and Chicago…. all badly run Democrat controlled cities employing decades of horrible policies that have failed minorities. The same kinds of policies Susan Santangelo wants to spearhead for Camarillo.

So the question is: How does a racist like Susan Santangelo become the Vice Mayor of Camarillo? When that question is answered, then real solutions can happen.


All people’s lives matter – I can say that.

I never heard of Susan Santangelo, Vice Mayor of Camarillo, until now. I do not agree with her standing to defund law enforcement, and I do feel more unsafe with these ideas, and with this person in this position.

So, I recommend to ask her to analyze other countries lacking enforcement, and understand why people fortify their homes into mini-fortresses, surrounded by fortified property fence lines to help ensure the safety of their families under duress and threat of violence. The reality- making homes into mini-fortresses could never happen here in the USA, right?

De-funding law enforcement, removes safety nets, and reduces our freedom. It makes us feel unsafe.

Please do not defund our police department.
People want to feel safe and secure.


Susan must be looking for votes. As most politicians do, she’s hitching her horse (political career) to this current trend, so that later in life she can proudly state that she “was a voice of change”. She clearly doesn’t speak for the majority, otherwise she would work to put it to vote. We should be able to vote in what needs to happen, and that’s the way this current dumpster fire should be treated. But like we’ve seen over and over again in California the system is rigged for the elitist politicians and their constant ploy to get more votes instead of acting in the interest of the community they were elected to represent.

Peter and Colleen Tabor

We appreciate the great job the Camarillo Police Department does and would not even consider support to defund it. We have not always agreed with their policing, but we know they are needed. We also think the majority of police officers are hard working, honest individuals who desire to serve and protect.

We will not support dismantling or defunding our police department nor any council member who does. A good question to ask is “Why do we need a police force?’ And do those needs still exist?

Laurie McGee

Camarillo is a peaceful, wonderful place to live because the police department does their job well. A vote to defund would allow criminals to sneak into town to steal and destroy our way of life.
The police department offers protection and safety. Without them, we would have chaos and mayhem. In a time when the world seems to have lost it’s mind, we need them more than ever now!
Do not weaken our protection. Do not defund!

Joseph Fabian

It’s not sneak in, they are opening the doors wide, laying out the Red Carpet to say, come on in. We wont arrest you. Or if we happen to catch you, we will let you go. Look what happened a few weeks ago with 3 people who stole items from Premium Outlet. They were arrested and then let go because of Covid, and told to come back for hearing when the courts reopened. Yea Right!

Frank Lin

Police makes me, as a immigrant, feel safe. Police is not the opposite side of BLM. In this chaotic era, we need more police. Therefore, we need to increase police funding, instead of defunding police.


This is what I wrote to the City Council:
We are completely flabbergasted that defunding the police here in Camarillo is even being considered! This is a beautiful, SAFE city because of the hard work of our police force. Where the police have been marginalized or told to stand down in cities across our nation, we have seen massive destruction of property and lives, regardless of the color of one’s skin. Some of the loudest voices for defunding belong to those who have the most resources to hire their own private security forces—what about those of us of all colors who depend on our police to defend us in time of danger? And where are the statistics showing that any of the social service programs would have prevented such anarchy? Your actions smack of political opportunism, a jumping on the national bandwagon, rather than safeguarding the lives, jobs, and properties of the residents of Camarillo who elected you to represent their interests. DO NOT DEFUND the police. We—including you—all need them!

Bill Stoll

I recently attended a couple of BLM peaceful protests and silent marches in Camarillo. I was encouraged to see our Chief of Police in attendance, lending his support to the cause as well. This bolstered my confidence in our Camarillo Police Department and our community as a whole.
I was less encouraged (and, quite frankly, embarrassed and appalled) by the comments of City Councilmember and former mayor, Charlotte Craven. Comments like “People who live in the barrio” and “I believe that the lives of black people matter, as with the lives of all other groups” are unbecoming a public servant. Falling back on the later statement when discussing the BLM movement suggests that all lives (black, brown, and white) are all treated and respected equally. It blatantly attempts to deny the systemic racism that plagues not only our country, but after reading Ms Craven’s comments, perhaps our community as well.
Given the open mindedness of our current Police Chief, I’m not sure defunding our force is called for. However, I do not see anything wrong with creating a community taskforce to look into past and current practices of Camarillo law enforcement. It seems to me that this would help us make an informed decision with regards to defunding and allow our whole community move forward with confidence.


Mr. Stoll:

If you have a problem with this phrase: “I believe that the lives of black people matter, as with the lives of all other groups”

Then the problem is with you. If all lives don’t matter to you, then YOU are the “racist.”

Your phraseology and convoluted “logic” are right out of Frankfurt School Critical Theory.

Keep up the good work, Comrade Stoll.

scary democrat boogieman

“It would be an invitation to the criminal element in the black community to steal from those who are unable to defend themselves.“ REALLY??? Good job leaving you and your wife’s full name, genius. You just outed yourself as a racist. What a disgusting way of thinking, truly. You should be ashamed of yourself.

scary democrat boogieman

the 60 comments here so far are hilarious and full of irony. I doubt any of you old washed up crusty conservatives have ever needed to call the police here in Camarillo. Stop clutching your pearls. Defunding the Camarillo police will affect the department very little and the money reallocated to social programs to lift the community as a whole is nothing but positive. Stop watching FOX news. It’s rotting your already smooth brains. Also for people that claim to be about facts over feelings, y’all in the comments looking like a bunch of snowflakes. Stop bootlicking. The precious Camarillo police department will be just fine.

John L

I’ve lived in this wonderful city for almost 40 years. We have had no racial issues with our police department. They do a fantastic job.

The same people that support this will be the first to complain that response time on a 911 call was too slow.

Don’t waste your time even considering this just to be politically correct. Show them some backbone and the criminal element will move on to somewhere else.


I sent this to the city council today:

I am writing this message in opposition to the ridiculous, knee-jerk request by Susan Santangelo, the Democratic Club of Camarillo and the Democratic Moms of Camarillo to defund the Camarillo Police Department. While the blatant politics behind this are both absurd and offensive, there is no need to defund a well-run and efficient police department on the basis that the emotional crowd calling for this wants to worry about feelings (not to mention that the majority of this vocal crowd most likely is never in contact with the police other than to ridicule when an officer passes them on the street). Camarillo cannot travel down the same road as Chicago, New York, Seattle, and many other cities which are managed by delusional and ignorant elected figures who bow to the emotion rather than the practical and sensible wishes of the populace.

I also call for the resignations of Susan Santangelo and Shawn Mulchay, who have ceased to operate as public officials and have descended into the roles of court jesters with their inappropriate and ignorant requests for hollow resolutions that harm rather than help the public good.

Michele and Greg Thomas

We need and support the Ventura County Sheriff Department, and are appalled by naive suggestions that this would somehow alleviate societal issues. Camarillo is a beautiful place to live and the law and order here is one very important part of the management that maintains it. If you want anarchy, go live somewhere else. WE ARE TOTALLY OPPOSED TO DEFUNDING POLICE.


Camarillo police are little Narzi’s but I haven’t heard of any racial abuse from them , at least in the news.
It always seemed like a waste the sheriff and the city patrolling the same streets.
I think if anything we have too many christian churches, start taxing them, problem solved

C. Collier

It’s not “the sheriff and the city patrolling the same streets.” Police services are provided to Camarillo under contract with the sheriff’s department. The vehicles bear the markings for the city and the county.

S. Thompson

Camarillo Police is top notch, and Camarillo as a city is safe, sane and stable, in part because of the Police department. Under no circumstances should there be any defunding of our Police department, or for that matter, any police department. Any council member even considering that idea should be voted out. It’s a disgusting, damaging, and awfully illogical opinion based NOT on facts, statistics, but based on irrational emotions and / or ulterior motives.


This is what I just emailed to them:
I am writing to you as a woman of color. Do NOT defund our police. While the color of my skin shouldn’t matter, politicians seem to care more about the color of my skin than the content of my voice. In the last few weeks I have been more racially profiled by local politicians and “defund the police” proponents than I ever have by the police. So I am speaking up as a woman of color, do NOT defund our police. Our local police are integral to our law and order and the reason I can sleep well at night, knowing my family is protected. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for our local law enforcement who put their lives on the line every single day. I feel for their families who do not know if their loved ones will return after their shift, every single day. I will always stand by and for our law enforcement officers.
There are bad people in this world. Some are police officers, some are teachers, some are politicians etc. Deal with the bad people, not the institution upon which our functioning society depends upon.
If my words do not move you, look around to the cities that have already started this devolution. Crime is skyrocketing and the violence is unmanageable as these cities are crumbling and the citizens are suffering. You council members may be able to afford private security for yourselves, but the rest of us cannot.
Make a responsible decision for the safety and well-being of your constituents. Vote NO to defund our police.


The Camarillo police dept has my support 100%



Claudia Souser

I cannot believe anyone would even consider defunding the police! Who will you call when someone is breaking into your home or doing something wrong in your neighborhood. I respect our police force and want them fully funded. I have lived here for 37 years and have appreciate our police for protecting our community. Let’s be sensible and keep our police force funded!

Caroline Schow

We love Camarillo and it’s police department exactly as it is. Why must we try to fix something that is working well? Most cities need more police and funding to hire and keep good police, so defunding makes no sense at all. be leaders and not followers.

Mark Nuhfer

I am so tired of hearing black lives matter.
They do matter, but so do the rest of our lives.
Their acting like we owe them for the actions of a few bad cops.
I’m beginning to resent the whole movement.
Heard on the news there’s gonna be a black king just like lion king.
What would it sound like if I wanted a white king movie.
That would be considered racist as I see black king is just as racist.
Our police department cannot afford to lose any money.
The way the city council continues to allow development in our city, our loyal police department (sharifs, sorry didn’t want to be racist by calling you police)(joke for those pansies that took it seriously).
Mental heath is a big problem and needs it’s own budget but we can’t afford to take it from the police.

Citizen Reporter

50 have already spoken out against defunding police in Camarillo just on this article on this website, with many more speaking out against it on various Newsgroups and Facebook where this article appeared. Someone should copy all the comments and send them to the city council, city clerk, city attorney and city manager.

Camarillo police services are provided by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

Ekim Regob


S Rote

Go to Facebook page of Camarillo Vice Mayor Susan Santangelo.

Let her know how you feel about her bringing the destructive charade of Black Lives Matters crazy demands into Camarillo city gov’t. It is a dangerous threat to Camarillo by allowing the camel nose of radical leftist politics under our city tent. Let’s keep Camarillo the great place it is. Voters made a mistake allowing Santangelo in and now it is time for her to go. Make your presence felt. If not now, when?

MG Bates

I say Camarillo and the entire County should add more police officers and have a higher budget. With all the craziness going on in the world, I feel an increase in budget is warranted. These members of the city council who wish to defund the police need to be voted out of office as quickly as possible!

Glenn Cutler

Go to Susan Santangelo’s Facebook page and let her know what you think of her actions. I say she should resign now.

Kaylene Sanada

We have been residents of Camarillo for over 20 years and we are HIGHLY AGAINST defunding the police department. We do not see this as solving any problems and in fact, will create many more.

Robert and Leirene Schmutzer

Defunding the police is a BAD idea. I love Camarillo. We have lived here for 11 years and we feel completely safe. We sometimes forget to lock our doors. And during the lockdown, we slept in the backyard in tents, pretend camping, and nobody bothered us. I have neighbors who say they can be gone for long periods of time, leave their back door open for the pets to roam in and out the house and they have never been burglared. I have never lost a package left in my front porch. Camarillo is safe because we have decent people living here. And we have decent police also in our neighborhood. I am more for increasing their strength and resources so they can PROTECT US from crazy people destroying the country! PEACE through STRENGTH. As for me and my household, we want LAW and ORDER. We want the police to be able to respond within minutes of a 911 call. NO to DEFUND the POLICE. No!

Lyn McGraw

Regardless of what political party that you/we support. We CANNOT defund the police department. They help to keep Camarillo the very safe City that it is. Without them, who knows what will happen.

Barbara Owens

My vote is to continue to support our police Department. We have enough crime and criminals here. Any consideration to defund our much needed police is ludicrous. My tax money should not be redirected to support any other community programs.

Neal Blaney

Let those who advocate that our police department be defunded submit one actual example where defunding the police created a reduction in any kind of crime. If the case cannot be made, why would any rational being consider it?

Anthony J Pizza


We agree with Council-member Craven.

Glenn Cutler

Terrorists from Democrat activist group are so emboldened they resort to extortion tactics to divert funding from our much needed police and now this political scam has reached Camarillo. The entire premise of Black Lives Matter is a racist leftist political predicated on giant lies. Here is hard core policing data (see link below) that demolishes the bogus claims of Black Lives Matter.

If black lives mattered to BLM they’d be in Chicago protesting over the indiscriminate shooting of a 3yo girl. They don’t care about the 3yo girl. Let’s get real here: Black Lives Matter is a front for Democrat party activism and Marxist ideology. Sure there’s a lot of ignorant dopes who support the group without understanding its real purpose and agenda. However, there are also ideological kooks, some apparently here in Camarillo, who actually support this dangerous movement.

Susan Santangelo and Shawn Mulchay, our vice mayor and council member should resign immediately. This game of extortion by Democrat Marxist groups must be stopped and Camarillo is a great place to stop it. Everybody get on board and put an end to this nonsense. These are same people in roaming mobs knocking down statues, destroying American history, who generally hate America or are just too damn stupid because of a failed education system that seems to replace American history with worthless classes in Diversity training and victimization that do not prepare students for life with any useful skills, except to mindlessly protest and interfere with the hard working patriotic citizens America that makes America strong and prosperous.


This is a simple matter. Defund the police and the city becomes dangerous. If the city becomes dangerous property values will sink. Those whose only large savings are tied up in their houses will suffer and be left only with social security. Any questions?

Dennis Solomon

I am totally against “defunding” law enforcement due to a few “bad actors.” Clearly, not all cops are bad. If anything, we need to provide our law enforcement leadership tools they need to continually train and subsequently purge their ranks of substandard employees. Essentially, I’m just not willing to deal with the unintended consequences “defunding” law enforcement might bring. Fewer boots on the ground makes no sense to me.


Defund the police? That creates a new business opportunity: crime scene clean up and dead perpetrator pickup and disposal.