Calleguas Municipal Water District may have overcharged Oxnard and Ventura County Districts 1 and 19 for past 10 years

At their March 4th meeting, at 5pm this Wednesday, the Board of Directors for Calleguas Municipal Water District will consider refunding overcharges to the City of Oxnard and Ventura County Water Works Districts (WWD)1 and 19. 

Staff working with David J. Sasek, the new Ventura County Director Water and Sanitation, discovered that Calleguas had made a billing error, one that led to overcharging the three water districts for the last ten years.

The matter is item #3 under Finance and Human Resources on the board’s March 4th agenda:

overcharge.water.1.19From Metropolitan: “Readiness-to-Serve Charge (Metropolitan) is a fixed charge that recovers the cost of the portion of system capacity that is on standby to provide emergency service and operational flexibility.  Based upon a calendar ten year rolling average.”

County Public Works staff discovered the error a few months ago and have been working with Calleguas to correct it.  David Sasek received a call last Friday from Calleguas notifying him they had completed their review and were going to recommend that their board to refund the overcharges. 

WWD 1, which serves Moorpark, will receive $213K and WWD19, serving Somis will receive $527K if Calleguas’ board approves. The amount was based on how much water was taken via the in lieu program.  WWD19 took more in lieu (imported ) water.  When Calleguas calculated the average, the impact was greater for District 19, which has far fewer hookups than District 1 but used more of imported water.

The monies will go into the general funds for each of the affected Ventura County Districts and the City of Oxnard.

This is the complete agenda for Calleguas’ Board of Directors meeting: 2015-03-04 CMWD Agenda Packet

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Larry Stein

If you do put Solar on your house and there is surplus power (Your meter runs backwards, the utility companies pay only .04 (four cents) per KwH while the electricy goes next door and the utility companies charge up to .24 (twenty four cents) per KwH. You can thank the CPUC for looking out for the interests of the utility companies.

If you pay $100.00 per month for electricty, 5 years of electric bills amount to $6,000. If it costs more than $6,000 to put up solar panels on your house, you are losing money. (I am not including economic loss had the money been invested elesewhere.)

Steve Nash

City of Oxnard:  $61,443