Calvary Chapel hosts rally for Israel before Netanyahu speech

By George Miller

There was an extraordinary session at Newbury Park’s Calvary Chapel, a Christian, predominantly Conservative church, Monday night, on behalf of Israel. Christians and Jews came together in support of Israel’s policy on dealing with Iran on its nuclear weapons program and state-sponsored terrorism.  Dr. Uzi Landau, Director of Tourism and a Member of the Israeli Knesset, made an inspiring speech, along with multiple people from the Israeli Consulate in  L.A.  They stated Israel’s case, which most of the audience already seemed to be sympathetic to and asked them to spread the word to others and Congress.

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Israeli Knesset member Dr. Uzi Landau, presents Isarel’s case on the Iranian threat, 3-2-15 at Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park, CA (Photo:

Israel is reaching out to people all over the USA to solicit support for its position opposing a weak nuclear deal with Iran, which they believe could be fatal to Israel and highly dangerous to the USA– and the world. While there are six countries involved in the deal, the U.S. has been handling the negotiations. Critics have pounced upon points which they think provide too much latitude to Iran to develop the means to provide nuclear arms. Sources in and close to the Iranian goverment have boasted of the deal and said that the U.S. “is desperate for a deal.”

This publicity offensive preceded the controversial scheduled Tuesday address of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Obama administration and many Democrats have gone to extraordinary lengths to oppose that and attempt to prevent it, on the grounds that it breaks protocol, although Obama has set several precedents breaking diplomatic protocol in dealings with Israel.

They also feel that it would jeopardize sensitive negotiations in  progress. In response, Israel states that the very survival of their nation is at stake and that the negotiations, the way they are going now, would enable Iran to acquire the means to have nuclear weapons.  They cannot allow this, as Iran has repeatedly sworn to destroy them and is in fact far and away the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, including facilitating numerous attacks on Israeli assets. as well as many other victims around the world.  U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who is unelected, not a cabinet member and has no official power to make or communicate policy to the American public, said Iran will not be allowed to have a nuclear bomb. Period. Does she speak for the Executive branch and if so- by what authority?

Landau outlined the Iranian threat, not only nuclear, but its worldwide terrorism support through its actors under various names, but all Islamist extremists- against Israel, Jews, Christians and even other Muslims.

He stressed the commonality of biblical roots, freedom and justice among Christians, Jews, Israelis and Americans. He and other speakers, most of whom were with the Israeli Consulate, Tourism Bureau, such as Scott Finerman, Director of Clergy and Travel Relations, also promoted visits to Israel. This was not just for revenue, but they stressed that visitors who visit the Holy Land are changed forever and tend to be more supportive of keeping it free.

Landau asked attendees to contact Congress and spread the message to others.

This event was organized by Kevin Dieckilman, Sr. Pastor, Simi Hills Christian Church and CEO of One Heart for Israel, in cooperation of The Government of Israel Ministry of Tourism. Ministry personnel present were: Diector Dr. Uzi Landau, Director of Clergy & Travel Scott Feinerman, Tourism Commissioner- North & South America Uri Steinberg and Consul for Tourism/Director of Western Region USA Anat ben Josef.

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We were also serenaded by the Lev Shelo band and “Dorothy,” who sang Jerusalem of Gold just beautifully.EDCO-Calvary3-2-15 029

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Singer video clip: Calvary3-2-15 030

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Calvary Chapel Pastor Rob McCoy


When a show of hands was requested on who had been to Israel, about 2/3 of the audience members raised their hands, including quite a few church members and visiting Christian Church Clergy. Even event sponsor Pastor Rob McCoy had been there, as part of a donor-sponsored group, right after the election.

Pastor McCoy said he had a calling to run for political office. Virtually unknown in the region  except by some in the Christian churchgoing arena, he ran in the primary for State Assembl, handily beat the Republican Party-favored candidate, but lost to well known, heavily supported and financed Democrat Jaqui Irwin, by a few points.

The speech on Tuesday went about as expected, with Netanyahu stressing the dangers of Iranian action s and already stated motives to destroy Israel. He also stressed the comon bonds and goals of Israel and the USA.

Speech starts at 22:00



George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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