Calvary Chapel pastor:  “Our politicians are declaring themselves gods”



By Pastor Jack Hibbs

CHINO HILLS—“It is now becoming illegal for me to counsel, help and pray any transgender person looking for help, out of that lifestyle, said Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino.   “Our legislators are removing hope from people’s lives.  Our politicians are declaring themselves to be gods.

“This is an infringement of my constitutional right and my biblical rights.  The bible is now under attack.  The Book of Romans, Galatians 5, 1 Corinthian 6 tear it out.  Pastors arise.  Christians arise.

“I am calling out to everybody in California.  Pray and call our elected officials.  Tell them you will vote them out of office for not doing their job.  They are propagating their own Marxist socialist views—using our state to perpetuate their own ideas.  They are tampering with our lives.   Please get in touch with your elected official and tell them to vote No on AB2943.

“Pastor, you need to be a watchman on the wall and blow the trumpet of warning no before it is too late on your watch. “

(Editor’s Note:  To see the two-minute Vimeo video of Pastor Jack Hibbs message on AB2943 go to:   To read the entire AB2943 and view Real Impact Watch Men Ministry Action Report on “Stop AB2983 see:

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