Camarillo City Council approves pay raises–puts hold on e-cigarette businesses

The proposed compensation for City Council Members was a 5% increase for calendar years 2015 and 2016.  Councilmember Jan McDonald commented that city employees had performed their duties well for the past three years in spite of limited salary increases and, viagra 40mg in some cases no increase due to budget constraints. The proposed 5% increase would raise compensation to $1, mind 425 per month as of January 1, 2016.  The Council Members reduced the annual increase to 2% to better align compensation to city employees.

The Council extended the moratorium on issuance of permits or entitlements for the establishment or operation of new Electronic Smoking Business for a period

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of ten and a half months.  Staff is working on the ordinance regarding sale of tobacco products and plans to combine the sale of electronic smoking products with the tobacco products.  Staff expects to put the new ordinance on the City Council agenda by September.

The Council unanimously approved an Ordinance amending Chapter 17.04 of Title 17 of the Camarillo Municipal Code to revise the definition of “window sign” and to amend window sign regulations.  The ordinance reduces signage “clutter” (too many small signs) on retail businesses’ windows and limits the amount of window space signage can cover.  Staff report stated that most businesses are already in compliance.

A Resolution adopting the five-year Capital Improvement Program was approved.  The Program sets forth projects for building and grounds, storm drainage, transportation, water, sanitary, and redevelopment.  The Program indicates the location, size, and estimates of cost for all facilities and improvements to be finance from various fund sources.  The Planning Commission determined the Program is consistent with the City’s General Plan.  There are 64 proposed projects, including 31 projects in various stages of completion.

Council approved a Motion to adopt a Resolution committing $41,500,000 of the General Fund unreserved fund balance for Council Reserve Goal, Economic Development, Planned Capital Improvements (CIP) and General Fund operating transfers for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.  Approximately $6.2 million will remain in the General Fund for “unforeseen” projects and/or operating expenses not currently identified as budget line items.

A Resolution declaring a Stage 2 water supply alert was approved.  Funds have been allocated to educate the public and enforce the water conservation guidelines.  Please see separate article for details. HERE

Logan McFadden is our newest city reporter and a recently retired banker, residing in Camarillo.


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