Camarillo City Council Election Recommendations 2014

by Logan McFadden


Five challengers have qualified for the Camarillo City Council election, where three incumbents will also be seeking re-election.  The three incumbents are Mike Morgan, Jan McDonald and Charlotte Craven.  They have served on the City Council for 34, 16 and 28 years, respectively.  All three have served as Mayor.

The five challengers are Jose Espinoza, Daniel LaBrado, Matthew Lorimer, Chris Valenzano and Roy Villa.

We recommend Chris Valenzano.  Valenzano has run for council before and came in third in the 2012 election.  His political experience includes:


Camarillo Council candidate Chris Valenzano

  • President, Ventura County Board of Educations
  • Vice-President, Ventura County Board of Education
  • Member, Ventura County Committee on School District Organization
  • Member, Governor’s Education Committee
  • Legislative Committee Member, California County Boards of Education
  • Staff member, California State Assembly

Valenzano’s experience is directly transferrable to working as a “team” player and innovator on the City Council.  He has business management experience, serves as a Military Reservist and currently serves as an Emergency Manager and DoD Hazmat Technician.

Mr. Valenzano has, among other degrees, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business (with honors).   He is married with three school aged children and is a third generation Camarillo resident.  Valenzano is running to help keep Camarillo a safe, family oriented and a business friendly community.

On September 15, 2014, all of the candidates took part in a forum hosted by Leisure Village residents.  Please refer to Citizens Journal article at this LINK.  Valenzano will address the following issues, if elected:

  • Increased traffic congestion
  • Increased utility costs
  • Open space encroachment – Preserving farmland and quality of life
  • Submitting future construction projects that involve large general plan zoning changes directly to the voters
  • Sustainable water supply and conservation measures – reduce expensive imported potable water
  • Expansion of the Pleasant Valley Hospital
  • Rolling back Councilmembers’ salaries and benefits to 2008 levels
  • Building infrastructure to support approved projects
  • In-fill projects rather than large land development projects
  • Decreasing permit fees which the City Council recently voted to increase (Councilmember Morgan did not support the fee increases)

Chris Valenzano has the experience and demonstrated conviction to serve Camarillo now and into the future.  We, at Citizens Journal, support Chris and his agenda.   We see the competition for City Council as a testament to the future of Camarillo.  We believe that Chris Valenzano will work for “We the People” as all candidates have pledged to do.

Citizens Journal is endorsing only one candidate to fill one of the three open seats.  In order to maintain continuity on the City Council, we believe two of the incumbents should be re-elected.


Election day is November 4th.


Logan McFadden is our newest city reporter and a recently retired banker, residing in Camarillo.


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