Camarillo declares stage 2 water conservation alert

Camarillocitylogo10by Logan McFadden

The Camarillo City Counsel declared a Stage 2 water Conservation Alert at its regular semi-monthly meeting on June 25, ampoule 2014.  Based upon current and historical usage, search the city projects a shortfall in groundwater supply due to Governor Brown’s call for 20% reduction in water usage.  The city can meet the shortfall by buying more imported water or asking its citizens to conserve.  Importing water would increase customers’ monthly water bill.

Stage 2 is a Moderate Conservation Alert.  The final guidelines will shortly be released by the city.  Broadly, residential landscape watering will be permitted only three days per week.  The city has allocated funds to launch a water conservation public outreach and support enforcement of the water guidelines.  An information website will be advertised as part of the outreach campaign which will run through September.   Customers should initially check their water sprinklers to ensure that the water is going onto the landscape and not the adjacent concrete.  Old sprinklers can be replaced by newer low-flow sprinklers.  Customers should take steps to conserve water by using low-flow shower heads and faucets.  Inefficient appliances can be replaced with newer water and energy saving appliances. The city will evaluate water usage at parks and public buildings.

A customer in violation of the conservation goal will receive a warning for the first violation and a fine for every subsequent violation.  The water company is changing the format of the monthly water bill to better illustrate historical usage, current usage, and the conservation goal as a target percent.  The Council members were reminded by staff that the public has achieved the overall conservation goal during past draughts.

Water Conservation Stage 2 Above was for agenda item XIX

D. Resolution Declaring Stage 2 Water Supply Alert; Request for Qualifications/Proposals for
Water Conservation Public Outreach/Enforcement Efforts
Consider declaring a Stage 2 Water Supply Alert and taking other actions to provide public
outreach and enforcement efforts.
Suggested Action:
1. a MOTION to adopt a Resolution declaring a Stage 2 Water Supply Alert.
2. a MOTION to solicit requests for qualifications/proposals for water conservation
public outreach/enforcement efforts.
3. a MOTION to approve water conservation signs as proposed and placed at various



City Council (CC)

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Logan McFadden is our newest city reporter and a recently retired banker, residing in Camarillo.

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