Camarillo: Ending The Village to Save It?

By Mike Smith

I will be voting for all three incumbents of the Camarillo City Council.

The fact they voted to keep Camarillo an SB54 Sanctuary City is shameful. However, ‘ending the village to save it’ is not needed or possible for a city like Camarillo. And it is still safer under (Mayor) Craven, Morgan and McDonald than Oxnard under any of its recent, newer councilmembers — even with SB54.

Not all change is good.

The change challenger Angus Simmons wants will fundamentally transform Camarillo vis-à-vis White House bureaucratese circa 2008-2016. It’s like voting for Obama — please visit Simmons’ campaign website as to how and why.

Also, the Angus Simmons signs appear to be the ones disappearing least from the yards in my neighborhood. For those who don’t know —or have only seen the ‘moderate’ side of Simmons’ campaign statements— Angus Simmons is a recent, former president of the Democratic Club of Camarillo.

If the Democratic Club of Camarillo wants to scrub its website of the above hotlink, please know the hard copy is securely retained with original URL and time stamp intact. Ditto with the other two.

Camarillo’s three council incumbents are mostly supported by good people; my votes here are more for the incumbents’ good supporters and families. Camarillo needs better council members, but it also needs more good citizens.

That is the change we need, Camarillo.

Mike Smith is a longtime resident of Ventura County


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