Camarillo kills “Adohr Lane” development project conversion of 447 acres of farmland



By Dan Matthews

At the 1-25-17 meeting, The Camarillo City Council  considered and stopped  a General Plan Amendment for a Calleguas Land Co. development called “Adohr Lane,” nearly 1600 homes on 447 acres of prime farmland in the Conejo Creek area. This is the same company that has filed a lawsuit to invalidate our recently passed Camarillo SOAR Measure J. This is the same major player in the very unpopular Conejo Creek development that was rescinded in 2014.

It is refreshing to see so many people show up for an issue that was settled 19 months ago.  I was there from 6:30 PM to 12:45 AM

The issue on Camarillo Springs golf course was also raised and not settled (continued).  Their presentation had no plan.  They actually said out loud that if the Council did not give them a referral, they would close up the golf course.  Two speakers researched the company and they had done the same thing in at least two other cities. The Camarillo Springs development is built around the golf course, so this would badly affect land values and aesthetics.

The Sports Complex referral was continued, as were three other referrals, until next week because of the late hour.


It was standing room only at the 1-25-17 Camarillo City Council meeting, when multiple developments such at the 447 acre 1600 home Adohr Lanes project were discussed. Photos: Savew Conejo Creek group

Thank You Camarillo, once again. Filled, packed, and overflowing! SHARE 

The City Council denied the Referrals for Adohr Lane (Conejo Creek development) and the Camarillo Golf Course. Under Measure J, if the Adohr Lanes proposal had passed the Council vote and a referral was made, then it would have been put up for a vote by the people. The project is now dead, unless the developer makes another proposal.

Editor’s note: Mr. Matthews, a Realtor, said that the developer’s presentation only focused on features of the project/homes and didn’t really include a value proposition for the community in general. He said that the very strong opposition turnout, fueled in great part by the Save Conjeo Creek group, and strong arguments against the project, helped to defeat it. He was thankful that the council saw it that way, too. Those arguments, he said, were:

  • This is irreplaceable farmland- the best in the world
  • The project would generate very high traffic- about 41,000 vehicle trips daily, further clogging the already congested 101 Ventura Freeway, a lifeline to West Ventura County and a key coastal traffic corridor.
  • Regional water conservation efforts would be adversely impacted.

The meeting finally adjourned at 1:30 AM! What a great turn out, the chambers were packed with many people standing, at times two and three rows deep, and the outer lobby was filled. THANK YOU to all who attended.

Email the City Council here.

A clarification about SOAR/Measure J’s role
re: the “Adohr Lane” General Plan Amendment (GPA) request:

A landowner can request a GPA once a year. The City Council can “refer” a proposed General Plan Amendment request to go ahead with initial planning if it elects to do so with a simple majority vote. This is NOT an “approval” of the proposed project, it is merely an “OK” for the applicant to continue the planning process. The Council can also elect NOT to “refer” the project which basically stops any further planning.

A project that is subject to SOAR – Measure J, cannot, in the end, be “APPROVED” by the City Council, UNLESS AND IN ADDITION to their approval, an election is held and a majority of the city voters are also in favor of the project. 


An organization dedicated to Protecting and Preserving the Conejo Creek properties, Open Space and Farmland in Camarillo. We are an all volunteer, not-for-profit organization

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: SaveConejoCreek  [email protected]

An organization dedicated to Protecting and Preserving the Conejo Creek properties, Open Space and Farmland in Camarillo.

We are an all-volunteer organization  not-for-profit organization


Editor’s note: It would be difficult to even know this would be discussed by reading the agenda item, which was very general:


A. 2017 General Plan Amendment (GPA) Referral Requests and Update of Existing GPA Referrals

Consider requests for amendments to the City’s General Plan Land Use Element; and receive update of existing GPA referrals. If approved, the new requested Land Use Element designation changes are referred for study and possible future consideration for a GPA. This year, six requests were received in accordance with the City’s GPA referral policy.

Suggested Action: a MOTION to provide direction with regard to the six requests for amendments to the City’s Land Use Element of the General Plan.

You’d have to drill down and study the agenda reports first:








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