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    Camarillo | RV Parking Restrictions To Be Reinstated January 4

    Camarillo, California – The Camarillo City Council will reinstate parking restrictions for Recreational Vehicle (RV) parking on city public streets, beginning January 4, 2021.

    This means that beginning January 4, 2021, an RV may only be legally parked on a City street by obtaining a permit. There are two types of permits available:

    • COVID 30 Day RV Parking Permit (City Code Compliance)
    • 72-hour (non-COVID) RV Parking Permit (Camarillo Police Department)

    Online applications and guidelines for obtaining a COVID 30 Day RV Parking Permit will be available, beginning December 28, 2020, on the City’s website at or by contacting Code Compliance at 805.383.5660 or via email at [email protected]. Please allow up to 24 hours for your permit to be processed. Once approved, the 30 day Permit must be displayed in the driver’s side front window for the duration of the approval. RVs may be parked on private property or on public streets.

    For all other RV parking, such as needing a temporary permit for a few days for visiting family or another reason not related to COVID, please obtain your parking permit through Camarillo Police Department. For information, please call (805) 388-5100.

    In March 2020, in an effort to accommodate residents impacted by the Stay at Home Orders that were implemented due to COVID-19, the City relaxed enforcement to allow for the temporary parking of RVs and other passenger vehicles for more than 72 hours, so long as the vehicles were not obviously abandoned.

    On August 26, 2020, the City Council adopted a resolution that reinstated parking restrictions on City streets for all vehicles including passenger vehicles and trailers, with the exception of RVs.

    On November 4, 2020, the City Council considered reinstating RV parking restrictions on city public streets. However, based on the concern that COVID-19 numbers may be on the rise due to the upcoming holiday season, which may cause a potential need for use of RVs for quarantine purposes or to accommodate out of town guests, the City Council asked staff to gather data on the number of RVs parked on public streets.

    Staff conducted several inspections of the City over a two-week period, on various days of the week and at varying times throughout the day. Overall, 179 RVs were identified as being parked on a city public street. Of the 179 RVs, two were blocking fire hydrants; 46 are obscuring views along curves, intersections, and driveways; four parked facing the wrong direction on the street. And, since October 2020, an average of seven complaints per week from Camarillo residents regarding RVs parked on the public street have been made to the Code Compliance Division. The main concerns cited by residents include RVs obscuring sight, causing tripping hazardous, protruding into the public right of way, and being stored for long periods of time.

    With this information, the Camarillo City Council voted unanimously during their meeting of December 9, 2020, to reinstate RV parking restrictions on city public streets, beginning January 4, 2021. This allows a few days after the decision to notify residents of the change in the Order. And, this provides time for the RVs to be properly stored.

    For questions about these parking restrictions, or more details on how to obtain a permit, please call the Camarillo Code Compliance Division at  (805) 383-5660, or email [email protected].

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    2 years ago

    Where will RVer’s go if there is no place affordable for them if they lost their job from Covid. Would there be an alternative from the city to offer ppl who are from and grew up worked in Camarillo but lost jobs because of covid and their families and grandparents live in Camarillo. These are human lives. If those ppl parking in the wrong direction on streets just ask them to correct it. What about the ppl that who are considerate not to block or park where it’s obstructing view. Where will those ppl go as result of covid. There is a ripple affect. It goes beyond jurisdiction and ppl complaining ask yourselves why? There are more ppl that need help more than ever at this difficult time. I’m sure they will comply if you understand their situation if they don’t then maybe they have some kind of mental illness. “Human kindness”. Think about it . .. help find a solution instead of ..

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