Camarillo Springs Emergency Proclamation extended 30 days

By Logan McFadden

The Camarillo City Council met on Wednesday, see April 8th. The Council’s agenda included a discussion of the Camarillo Springs debris flow project HERE.  Initially, sildenafil the Council was expected to terminate the Emergency Proclamation issued to provide City, viagra state and federal resources for the Camarillo Springs residential development. Several homeowners suffered extensive damage to their homes during a heavy rain storm which caused the mountain to partially collapse and send mud and rocks into several homes in the Camarillo Springs community.

Mud slide damage

Mud slide damage

The Emergency Proclamation was most recently extended on March 11th. The mountain has been shored up with debris flow platforms and K-rails. The platforms performed satisfactorily during recent rain storms. The project was built to withstand a 100-year storm at a cost of $960,000. The City continues to work with residents who have consulted with a soil engineer and need a permit to clean up the debris and rebuild their yellow-tag and red-tag homes.

Barbara Williams, President of the Homeowners Association, asked the Council members what termination of the Emergency Proclamation means with respect to the remaining homeowner concerns regarding the K-rail placements and permits. She said that homeowners are being required to sign waivers in order to obtain permits and in frustration called the process “extortion”.

One of the affected homeowners representing the Common Area Association asked the Council to not terminate the Emergency Proclamation in view of the many outstanding homeowner concerns. Some of the concerns follow:

• The HOA has requested copies of public documents related to the debris flow project and engineering reports. The staff indicated that several boxes containing documents have been reviewed by a word search and the results have been put on a CD and sent to the HOA. There are several boxes that still need to be reviewed. Mayor Little said that the review is complicated because the HOA has not been able to specify exactly what the search should include.
• One homeowner has requested twice that a decision be finalized on moving K-rails which he believes will direct future debris flow onto his property. Councilmember Mike Morgan asked staff to follow up on this request.
• Another homeowner asked the City to meet with Caltrans regarding nine separate drains along the 101 freeway which dump water into the neighborhood. Caltrans has not responded to the homeowner’s inquiries.
• Other homeowners expressed frustration over the long permit process. Mayor Little said that the City is waiting on a final report. The City Manager, Bruce Feng, explained that the final soil engineer’s report is expected within one week. Mr. Feng also stated that the status of the neighborhood would be discussed in a non-public Executive session.

Bruce Feng stated that the City “deeply cares” to reach a satisfactory solution acceptable to all parties. Termination of the Emergency Proclamation does not shut out ongoing options and action items. The City Attorney, Brian Pierik, stated that a new Emergency Proclamation could be declared on short notice. He also confirmed that the current Proclamation could be extended another 30 days.

Councilmember Kevin Kildee noted that the rainy season officially ended on April 1st, thus justifying termination of the Emergency Proclamation. However, he also stated that it will take time to resolve outstanding issues and a 30 day extension would cover any rain storms that may occur through May 8th.

After weighing all of the unresolved issues, the Council voted unanimously to extend the Emergency Proclamation another 30 days to May 8, 2015.

Logan McFadden is a city reporter and a recently retired banker, residing in Camarillo. He volunteers for the Heritage Action Sentinel team and serves as the AMAC Delegate to the 26th Congressional District and a Convention of States District Captain.

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