Camarillo to annex 19 acre parcel for custom homes in Spanish Hills

By Logan McFadden

The Council narrowly passed a resolution establishing a New User Fee Schedule for city services provided to Persons for Private Benefit.  See separate article HERE.

A local resident made an emotional request for a waiver of the domestic pet ordinance that prohibits farm animals.  The resident has a 45-pound domesticated pig which he considers a pet.  The City has told him that he cannot keep the pig.  Council members asked a few questions about the pig and said they could not do anything at the meeting.  The resident was advised to work through the City Manager to process the request for an exception to the ordinance.

A resident of the Lamplighter Mobile Home Park again requested the Council to open a public hearing to consider the establishment of a Rent Stabilization Ordinance for mobile home parks.  Link to previous July 9th article HERE.  The RV owners have retained an attorney and alleged that the Council decided to vote against the requested ordinance before the last public hearing and has committed critical violations of the Brown Act.  Vice Mayor Little advised the resident and RV owners to contact the City Manager.  The issue will most likely be included on the agenda for the next Council meeting.

spanish.hills.2The Council voted unanimously to annex 19.15 acres of privately owned land in the Las Posas Estate which includes the homes built in the Spanish Hills neighborhood.  The property owner plans to sub-divide the land into 13 lots and build custom homes.  A Spanish Hills resident spoke during the public hearing about increased traffic on Crestview and proposed a change to the Tentative Tract Map to re-direct traffic.  A retired civil engineer spoke on behalf of the property owner and presented the development plans to the Council.  Due to the current drought, Councilmember McDonald asked what impact the new development will have on water usage.  Link to article on Stage II water alert HERE.  The civil engineer stated that the current water usage to irrigate the orchard on the property will actually decrease when the orchard is removed and the 13 homes are occupied.  The Planning Commission has approved the Tentative Tract Map.  The Council voted to pre-zone the 19.15 acre parcel to RE-1 AC (Rural Exclusive, 1 acre minimum parcel size) Zone and concurrently approved Tentative Tract 5920, subject to the conditions of approval.

The Council voted unanimously to approve a new ten-year franchise agreement with E.J. Harrison & Sons, Inc. – Solid Waste Handling Services.  Harrison was recognized by some of the Council members as a reliable company which has provided good service to the City and its residents.  The agreement has three 5-year renewal options.  The agreement effectively locks in the existing service rates for 15 years subject to rate increases based upon a CPI formula capped at 4% versus the current 5% cap.    Mayor Kildee stated that the proposed agreement benefits rate payers.  Harrison will also add other services at no additional cost such as bulky items pick up, E-waste drop off and Christmas tree collection.

The next Council meeting will be on August 27, 2014, at 5:00 P.M. in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 601 Carmen Drive, Camarillo, California.

Logan McFadden is our newest city reporter and a recently retired banker, residing in Camarillo.


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