Campaign kick-off- Michelle Ascencion for Oxnard City Clerk


Oxnard City Clerk candidate Michelle Ascencion campaign kickoff, 9-18-16, Pirates, Oxnard, Photo: George Miller/

By Dan Pinedo & George Miller

Michelle Ascencion, candidate for Oxnard City Clerk, held a campaign kickoff event at Pirates Restaurant in Oxnard, California. Michelle, a ten-year employee of the city of Port Hueneme as City Clerk wants to apply her knowledge and experience to bring about higher customer service performance in the city of Oxnard. She is currently a clerk for Ventura County Sanitation District.

She prefaced her remarks by sharing with us that she works behind the scenes and was very hesitant at first to go so public, which is required to seek electoral office. Her other positions were appointed.

Ascencion also said that she had thought about running for the position years in the future. But when news got out that 23 year incumbent Daniel Martinez had declined to run again, she had only two days to make up her mind to take advantage of the opportunity and file her candidacy.

Then she got into what she knows best, which is the job of City Clerk. She pointed out that she is the ONLY one with actual City Clerk experience (nearly a decade), the ONLY one who is a Certified Municipal Clerk and likely the ONLY one who will shortly be a “Master Municipal Clerk,” the highest level of certification. She said she has access to a large number of clerks and other official contacts elsewhere in the state, whom she can rely upon for advice.

She introduced her family, including husband David, children, Brandon, 16, Marla, 13, Stephanie, 10 and mentioned her 21 year old son Shaun, currently deployed in Korea and mother somewhere in the back of the room.

Ascencion said that Port Huememe, being a smaller city, more intimate, allowed her to offer a very personal level of service and that she would attempt to continue that in Oxnard.

She pointed out the problems that the City has had and the great importance of timely information provided, records retention and following applicable laws.


Oxnard City Clerk candidate Michelle Ascencion addresses those assembled at her campaign kickoff, 9-18-16, Pirates, Oxnard, Photo: George Miller/

Port Huemene Councilman Jon Sharkey, who will likely be appointed as Mayor tonight to fill the gap created by Doug Breeze’s resignation, spoke up strongly for Ascencion at the intimate event, held in the back of the well-known sports bar “Pirates” on Victoria and 5th.

Many family and friends were at the event, helping to provide a ready-made campaign committee. Ascencion has been showing up at some Council meetings and political events around town, including the Chamber of Commerce and candidate forums, with more on the way.  Those are an excellent opportunity to hear and even meet the candidates. (Hat tip to LaVada White for catching our error about Ascencion being at the “Good Club.”)

Ascencion speech video by Dan Pinedo

Ascencion endorsers video by Dan Pinedo

Campaign website, or check out Facebook page, Michelle4Oxnard.

Dan Pinedo is a Citizen Journalist/photographer residing in Oxnard

George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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LaVada White

First, let’s start with the Citizen’s Journal Mission Statement: “objective news and editorial opinion.” So do you mean Citizens Journal publishes your editorial opinion, i.e. it’s your personal editorial rag? Or is it objective, but publishes the opinions of the public? From everything on here, it sure seems you personally support this candidate over the others. Pretty disappointing.

Now, let’s talk “relevant experience”: Michelle was a clerk in a small town. So you think she’s experienced to be clerk in a 10-times larger town? Is that how you view the City Clerk’s office, just find a clerk from somewhere else and stick him/her in there? Do you want positive change in Oxnard, or the same old thing, just from Port Hueneme? There are other candidates running with some pretty relevant experience.

LaVada White

First, a correction: Michelle Ascencion did NOT attend the GOOD Club forum. My understanding is she’s not a registered Democrat.

Second, while those are nice ideas about digitizing documents and using software, none of these ideas appears to have been implemented in Port Hueneme. Those are recycled ideas from other candidates.

Steven Nash

I had not really thought too much about the Clerk’s position. With the departure of Mr. Martinez and a host of unknown candidates I thought now might be the opportune time to ponder upon the duties and responsibilities of City Clerk. It soon dawned on me that this is quite an important job. The Clerk has many duties but the most important are being the keeper and disseminator of public documents, including campaign disclosures of candidates for city offices.

For whatever reasons, Mr. Martinez is still mired in the cardboard box standard of document storage. This is not acceptable. Ms. Ascencion is eager to get us up to speed on digitizing documents and utilizing software to make public access as easy as possible. Freedom of Information Act requests should largely be handled on-line and automatically.

Whereas a few of the other candidates for city clerk might be willing to eventually implement digital BMP’s, only Ms. Ascencion has the proven experience to implement these much needed reforms as quickly as possible.