Can Bernie Sanders Still Win?

Candidate and Senator from Vermont: Bernie Sanders

Candidate and Senator from Vermont: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders may have won the Indiana primary Tuesday night, viagra sale but his victory is unlikely to save his political revolution. After this week, seek it is mathematically impossible for Sanders to reach the number of delegates necessary to win the Democratic nomination using pledged delegates alone. This means the Vermont senator will have to rely on his…

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William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
4 years ago

Bernie winning the democrat race would be a dream come true for the republican party. There would be bold color differences in candidates instead of pale pastels. Yes I stole that from Ronnie.

Frankly, the only benefit that I see with a Trump candidacy is that he could attract democrat voters to come over to his side. That is not the best position to be in when Trump needs every conservative constitutionalist to be on his side. Knowing how he frequently uses strong rhetoric to answer questions from the media, it’s entirely possible that he could misspeak and alienate a large sector of a voting base.