Can Trump Win? — Tim Clark State Director for Donald Trump Campaign Addresses Local Group

By Debra Tash

Tim Clark, Director for the Donald Trump California Campaign, addressed a packed room at the Thousand Oaks Republican Women’s August 18th 2016 meeting.  Mr. Clark is not only overseeing California, he’s charged with securing New Mexico, a Democratic target, as well as protecting Nevada and Arizona for the Republicans.  He’s also shepherding, Texas, a conservative stronghold and Utah, which Mitt Romney is attempting to put into play.  It’s rumored the failed 2012 candidate will be endorsing Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.   Utah’s governor, Gary Herbert and Senator Orrin Hatch will be giving their support to Trump.

Admittedly, 2016 is an unusual election year, with outsider runs, a nearly blind dysfunctional media, email leaks, nonstop scandals and fractured parties.

And the clock is running with only 82 days left to November 8th.

Noel Irwin Hentschel addressed the gathering. She was a California delegate and member of the Cleveland GOP Convention Platform Committee, which affirmed the most conservative positions held by the party. 

Mark Lunn,  Ventura County Clerk and Recorder / Registrar of Voters, spoke, outlining the local demographics and how they have changed.  When he was first elected in 2010 as County Clerk, there were 3000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in the county.  Now that margin has grown to 35,000 in an area with 419,000 registered voters.  Ventura County, which had once been conservative, has swung left.  It holds 2% of the state’s 18,000,000 voters.  The November 8th ballot in our county will be a long one, with 58 contests, 27 of them being state measures and 17 local issues.

It may be 82 days to November 8th but it’s only 67 days until early voting starts in California on October 10th.

The clock is running very fast.

Tim Clark is a 22 year veteran of battles in the public arena.  He sees an electorate sick and tired of sending people to Washington who cave into the pressures there. He was hired on by the Trump campaign eight weeks out from the June primary.  Senator Cruz suspended his bid for the White House before California went to vote, clearing the way for Trump to pick up the juicy plum of all 172 state delegates.

So can Trump reel in a victory and upset the Clinton Machine’s apple cart?  “Elections are won by those who show up.” Clark said. He already has 128,000 volunteers on board in deep blue California and has a statewide structure, with three regional captains in place. He conceded Trump is down by four points in the PEW poll, but he’s eyeing voters who aren’t in the usual mix.  Polls canvas those who have voted in, at least, two of the last four elections.  But what about those who sat those elections out?  Will they be motivated to vote for Donald Trump?


Trump has anted up his game and delivered three out of the ballpark speeches this week, such as the one he gave this Thursday, August 18th in North Carolina, Full Replay/Transcript: Donald Trump Gives First Campaign Speech Since Hiring Bannon & Conway.  But the mainstream media hasn’t focused on the two prior speeches and might ignore this one as well.  Yesterday they pounded on Trump’s move to bring on, Brietbart chairman Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.  

Can Trump get by the media blockade?

Mr. Trump hasn’t spent a dime on paid media yet.  But the campaign plans to roll out its strategy, which so far played out in the wild west of the internet.  The campaign will be concentrating on the battleground states, even as they try to muster support here in California.  

In the Q and A section of the meeting a gentleman who works as a director/producer in the liberal wasteland of Hollywood, volunteered his services, and those of others he knows in the industry to write and produce commercials gratis for Mr. Trump.  He said, Republicans have the “best message and the worse messaging.”  Which seems altogether true, along with eating their own. 

Maybe Trump can cross his own political Rubicon and reach the voters with just how he is going to “Make America Great Again.”   If he can do that, maybe he just may win.


Tim Clark, , Director for the Donald Trump California Campaign


Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis.

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William "Bill" Hicks

I wish i could have been there to hear this, but I was otherwise disposed.