Cancer strikes mother of four just when she thought life couldn’t get any better

This time last year, Jennifer Davis, known to her friends and family as Jenn, was living a happy life as a mother of four.  After years of struggling with alcoholism she was at peace. Jenn looked forward to planning summer activities for her little girl Dallas, her youngest child who had just turned one.

That was last year.

Jenn started to feel weak, and developed a rash and sores on her body that wouldn’t get better. After blood work was taken, she got the diagnosis.  She had AML (acute myeloid leukemia). Jenn was told she could recover with intense chemotherapy treatments and a stay at Cedar Sinai hospital, which was far from her home in Oxnard. Jenn’s love and selfless acts to help people in her community was returned to her when people found out she was sick.  They came and helped out.  Still it hasn’t been easy for Jenn and her family, making that long trek into L.A. and paying the bills.


Jenn and Dallas

Jenn’s been sober for four years and has devoted much of that time to helping others with a disease that had consumed her life. When her health improved in January of this year she came back home to Oxnard to see her daughter.  They had only shared hasty visits during Jenn’s treatment.

Jenn even started working at a Rehab center.  She wanted to give back to the community. But the cancer returned, and this time it was even worse. Since April 6, 2015 she has been in the oncology center at Cedar Sinai receiving another extremely aggressive treatment of chemo in the hope of a remission.  If that happens she can undergo a bone marrow transplant. 

But so far the chemo has not been successful.  While everyone is maintaining that since Jenn beat this once, she can do it again, they are preparing for a much harder, much longer fight for life.

This has been emotionally traumatic and financially draining.  Her youngest, Dallas (now 22 months) has been without her Mommy for the better part of eight months. The burden is overwhelming.  Family and friends have been helping by running errands, cooking, cleaning and sharing childcare for Dallas.  But Dave, Jenn’s boyfriend, has been faced with mounting bills and is struggling to pay the rent.  They have exhausted the normal means of assistance for a family in need and now the situation is dire. 

Jenn has touched so many lives with her wisdom, strength, and unconditional love.

Dave and Dallas

Dave and Dallas


Those who love her are asking the community they live in, anyone who may know this family, really anyone who can help them spread the word of this family’s need and possibly help by donating to this GoFundMe site: Jenn’s 2nd Fight

They firmly believe that there is major power in pray – so even if you can’t give, please consider adding this family to your prayers. 

GoFundMe: Jenn’s 2nd Fight


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