Candidate files appeal | Bruce Boyer campaign for Ventura County Sheriff

Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff as represented by attorney Joel Farkas:

We have filed for a writ of supersedeas with the Appellate Court.

supersedeas is a writ that suspends the authority of a trial court to issue an execution on a judgment that has been appealed. It is a process designed to stop enforcement of a trial court judgment brought up for review. The term is often used interchangeably with a stay of proceeding.

We will be arguing that under the California and Federal Constitutions that the people have the absolute right to choose their candidates. We will be asking the Court to enjoin the County Clerk from certifying the results as to the June 5th election for Sheriff as the Clerk refused to place Boyer’s name on the ballot. As the actual election is November 6th; that the ruling would be to hold the election then between Boyer and the one other filed candidate (who is sponsored by the current Sheriff).

Both sides well understand the political results of a restoration of the people’s right to choose their candidates.  The Status Quo does not want the voters to be able to choose a citizen sheriff; they want a “Law Enforcement Professional” as chosen by them, not the citizens. They do not want a sheriff who will overturn the SB54 Sanctuary State Rebellion. One who will restore the Constitution to the Sheriff’s Dept and by extension the Court. A ruling that ‘qualifications’ are unconstitutional also means that the ‘qualifications’ for judge would be as well. Citizens could then run for judge; that is an even more direct threat to the power of the judges.

The aspect of discrimination was not directly addressed in this case as the statute is unconstitutional as to it’s imposition of a restriction in what the Constitution guarantees as to our rights. Should the discrimination aspect need to be more directly addressed; we will seek disabled veterans as well as others who have been denied employment by law enforcement because of their disability, race or gender. Then see how the Court tries to pass off that direct discrimination.

A victory in this case will have far-reaching effects as nationally twenty-eight states have acted to restrict the citizens in who they can elect as their county sheriffs. A victory here will enable the citizens to again elect the sheriff of their choice. Salaried LEOs will be more responsive to the citizens for if not the citizens will be able to elect non-SLEOs who will do the will of the people.

California has had only a dozen actual contested elections for the fifty-eight county sheriffs in the last thirty years. Salaried Law Enforcement has held a monopoly. Ventura County will make history in restoring a government of the people, or it will make history in taking a giant step to stomp it out.

A citizen should not have to retain an attorney and go to court at his own expense in order to give the voters a choice. This cowboy is willing to do it. We hope that this will be remedied for the future to insure the people free elections. I welcome all to pick a side. Liberty or tyranny.

The will of the people in Ventura County is being expressed louder by the day as the people demand a defeat of the Rebellion. As their elected Sheriff I will defeat this rebellion in Ventura County and bring the consequences of justice to those who supported it.

I do like to make it exciting! We have a Country to save!

Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff.  Boyer.Exhibit

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Bruce Boyer

This is a pivotal lawsuit. Either we will restore the right of citizens to choose their candidates, or it’s gone.