Candidate Statement- Alex Rey Rivera for Oxnard City Clerk

CandidatesCornerName:  Alex Rey Rivera

Occupation: Logistics Manager, WCS Worldnet Communications

Seeking: Oxnard City Clerk

Election: November 8, 2016

“The People’s Clerk”RiveraAlexandDaughter

Since 1978, my extended family has been a part of the Downtown Oxnard business community. I have learned to give back to my city because I have been given so much. I love this town. This city is in my heart, and our blood, sweat, and efforts have helped to build up this diverse region full of commerce and production.

For far too long, information has been available “By Invitation Only”. There has been a “Communication Breakdown” between the residents and city government. The requests and voices of the people have not been heard, leading to frustrations and higher costs due to mismanagement, poor planning and lack of problem solving.

The good people of Oxnard are tired of “Politics as Usual”.

They want action and are supporting my campaign for Oxnard City Clerk. This is the season of change, not more of the status quo.

Everywhere I go, from the industrial parks to the shores of Oxnard, I meet people who know that Alex Rey Rivera stands for:


WISDOM – the real gold of Oxnard is in our People and in the Business Risk Takers who strengthen our economy. The true organizational chart of Oxnard is Residents at the Top, electing a City Council, City Clerk and Treasurer that answers to the constituents. The City Council then directs the City Manager to carry out policies, allowing City Departments to be successful and supported and to produce results that deliver value to the municipal corporation known as the city of Oxnard.

Understanding – of what’s important to the People of Oxnard.

They want a City Hall that really works for them, not a full service city that is short staffed, over extended and programmed to deliver poor service. Even if you change the faces at City Hall, we still see the same results. Residents want “Performance not Excuses”. The Time is Now.

Knowledge – my keen sense of Oxnard insight accumulated by years of behind the scenes service to the community has made me a valuable information gatekeeper to residents. I know how City Hall works and who the power players are. I am well equipped to interact with the public.

“The People’s Clerk”

I am a positive force in Oxnard civic government. For a decade and a half, I’ve participated in City Council, ODMD meetings (Oxnard Downtown Management District) and contributed to multiple political campaigns.

I will bring a new energy and an attitude of service to City Hall. The office of the City Clerk under my guidance will run fair elections, comply with every state and local regulations, and meet all its deadlines.

It starts with me: I will the dynamic point of contact to the public for information requests and in providing quality customer service. I will lead the way in the postings of meeting agendas, improve our record keeping and coordinate informative election cycles. This work is critical in supporting our city government. I will be your public servant.

One of my goals is to make citizen participation in the political process easier than ever before. I intend to implement a digital signage program for the Council Chambers so the citizen attendees can see proposed motions and votes. Oxnard will also get a long-needed digital kiosk for public comment and finding meeting agendas. I will build upon technology like the newly launched 311 app, the improved city website and push to restore the cable public access channel that has been dark for years now. The City Clerk’s office, under my leadership, will be a place for the Freedom of Information and will encourage Public Contact.

Thank you for your vote, I will be valuable to you.


Alex Rey Rivera

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