Candidate Statement- Michelle Ascencion – Candidate for Oxnard City Clerk, 2016

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The City Clerk position is up for election this November, and the field is so crowded with candidates, that on the surface it can appear to be hard to decide who would be the best pick.

But the choice is actually quite clear: there is only ONE candidate with ACTUAL City Clerk experience. My name is Michelle Ascencion, and I have been a CERTIFIED MUNICIPAL CLERK since 2009. I have eight years of experience as a City Clerk at the City of Port Hueneme, and I’m currently serving as the Clerk of the Board at the Ventura Regional Sanitation District.

My parents and I moved to Oxnard from Los Angeles just before my seventh birthday in 1982, when Oxnard had half the population it has today and seemed to be more farmland than concrete. I grew up in South Oxnard and my dad still lives in my childhood home in Lemonwood. My husband David was born and raised in Oxnard and we are proud to now raise our four children here as well. Though I’ve lived in other parts of the city, when my husband and I became first-time homebuyers five years ago, we chose to return to South Oxnard, making our home in the Terrace Estates neighborhood near Oxnard College.

I graduated from Fremont Jr. High, Santa Clara High School, Oxnard College, and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  After college, I worked in the Non-Profit sector for five years: one year at the Ventura County Rescue Mission and 4 years at the American Cancer Society. In 2006 I transitioned to the public sector where I now have over 10 years of experience: 9.5 years at the City of Port Hueneme and almost 1 year at the Ventura Regional Sanitation District.

The City Clerk position is a highly specialized job that takes years to master. I recall when I first assumed the City Clerk role in Port Hueneme in 2008: learning the job involved not only becoming proficient at the numerous particulars and nuances of the legislated duties (including the Brown Act, Public Records Act, Records Management, and Election Code, just to name a few), but also learning the exceptions, just to further complicate things! I would estimate that it takes about three years to really know the job well, by attending training, gaining real-life experience through the different situations Clerks encounter, and connecting with other Clerks who can serve as resources.

With Oxnard’s budget situation being what it is, can we really afford to pay for someone to attend all the training that’s needed to learn this vitally important job? And what if it turns out, after all that training, that the person really isn’t suited for the job?


That’s why it is important to make the RIGHT choice for City Clerk this November. If you are a manager, you wouldn’t HIRE someone with no experience, so why in the world would we ELECT someone with no experience?

I am the only candidate with the proven experience that will ensure our city government will be open, transparent, and responsive to the citizens’ needs. My top priorities will be: 1) helpful, responsive Customer Service; 2) improving Access to Public Records with technology investments and best practices implementation; 3) ensuring other City staff have an understanding of proper procedures for document preparation, management/retention, and public access; and 4) improving Public Notification of agenda postings and public hearings.

If I am elected, there will be NO “LEARNING CURVE” needed! I already have the training, experience, knowledge and skill for the position, and I am ready to step in and do the job from Day One.  My endorsements include dozens of elected officials and other community leaders who are personally familiar with my proven track record of service, competence, and integrity at the City of Port Hueneme and the Ventura Regional Sanitation District. I am ready and eager to put my skills to work for the people of Oxnard.

I urge Oxnard voters to not sit this one out – the stakes are too high! Please vote for Certified Municipal Clerk MICHELLE ASCENCION for City Clerk this November: #3 on the Ballot, NUMBER ONE in Experience!

Find out more about me on my website, or check out my Facebook page, Michelle4Oxnard.

Thank you!


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John Rosas
John Rosas
4 years ago

Or she found a better opportunity…

4 years ago

The mere fact that you survived working under former Port Hueneme City Manager Dave Norman gets you my vote. That man is evil, but ostensibly nice.

4 years ago
Reply to  JNichols