Candidate statement: Will Berg for Port Hueneme City Council



Will Berg for the City of Hueneme




  • Committed to Local Business and Economic Revival
  • Hueneme Chamber of Commerce Board Member
  • Focused on Public Safety – Endorsed by PHPOA
  • Strong Ties with NBVC & The Port Community
  • Advocate for Seniors and Families
  • 17-Year Hueneme ResidentPort Hueneme’s 2014 Citizen of the Year

The City and the Port have a very unique and rich history and like any relationship challenges will occur.   Today represents perhaps the best opportunity for us to continue building a better and stronger partnership that will continue to benefit our entire community.  A 2013 economic impact report by Martin Associates identified 191 direct jobs related to operations at the Port of Hueneme, an updated study performed in 2016 indicates than now 413 Hueneme residents are directly employed as a result of Port activities.  The Port depends on these hard working citizens and by any measuring stick, this employment rate is a good thing.  We need to nurture this kind of symbiotic connection between the City and the Port.

I am a 17-year resident of the city of Port Hueneme and my community has allowed me to grow prosper.  I was named ‘Citizen of the Year’ in 2014 and my career with a public agency has allowed me to successfully interact with elected leaders at local, county, state and federal levels on issues vital to our city.  I will dedicate myself to bridging the social and economic gaps between the various local jurisdictions that have kept us from moving forward.

A third generation Oxnard native, I attended Moorpark College and California State University at Chico before studying at the National Political Science University in Taipei Taiwan.  I completed my M.A. degree in Comparative and International Politics at the Monterey Institute of International Studies Monterey California and served two years in South Korea with the United States Peace Corps.  My Peace Corps service drove my inspiration for public service.

In 1978, capitalizing on my second language, Mandarin, I began escorting various North American groups visiting China, allowing me to be among some of the earliest North Americans to step behind the Bamboo Curtain. I lectured aboard cruise ships calling on Asian destinations along the Pacific Rim and spent 15 years as a shore excursion specialist with some of the world’s most prestigious cruise lines.

Today I promote the Port of Hueneme as Director of Marketing & Public Information to, among others, the fresh produce and auto carrier industries as well as manage the Port’s grantee status of Foreign Trade Zone #205.

My Master’s Degree in International Politics and business background has uniquely prepared me to serve as a councilman.  As a board member of the Ventura County Workforce Development Board and Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce, I have worked to bring career and job opportunities to our city as well as educational programs for our youth. I will work to promote cooperation and communication with all our community, civic leaders and partners.

As a long-time resident and active member in our community, I’m excited about the opportunity to work with others to help guide the city of Port Hueneme into stronger economic growth.  I care about our community and want to leverage the resources of the Port and the Naval Base that will generate a stronger economic impact for the City.

In addition to my Board positions with the County’s Workforce Development Board and the Hueneme Chamber, I also sit on the District Export Council of Southern California’s Leadership Task Force, the Executive Board of the Port Hueneme/South Oxnard Neighborhood for Learning, the California State University Channel Islands Business Advisory Council, and I am an Executive Board Member of the Santa-to-the-Sea Half Marathon. I also serve on the Ventura College Business Division Advisory Board and the Land Use, Business Development and Military Appreciation Committees of the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce.   My wife Beckie and I respectfully ask for your vote this November.


Transparency   I am focused on building a more prosperous and effective community through open partnerships that work for everybody.  Our city is in economic distress…at just the time our local economy is showing signs of recovery.  Why the opposite directions?  I have worked successfully to promote the economic importance of the Port and its continued importance in revitalizing our City’s economy.  There is nothing more important that effects our daily lives and the future of our city for the next four years.  We can’t ignore what is happening today.  We need to make decisions we can live with.  Doing nothing new and hoping for different results will not get our City out of the situation it has found itself.  We need fresh air with new ideas.


Will Berg interview by Peter Godinez


Financial Management.  Our city’s economic solutions are not simple nor will they be achieved overnight.  First and foremost, we must retool our financial and budgetary processes.  This includes policies that obligate the City Council to balance the budget without causing a further drain on reserve funds.  New initiatives and expanded services, no matter how worthy, should not be entertained without identifying a corresponding funding source to offset costs.  We need also to develop management tools that link performance to annual goals and budget appropriations.  In short, we need a new way of doing business and managing our resources through fiscal restraint.


Accountability   Port Hueneme is not an island.  Not inviting others to the table, has recently meant them being on the city’s menu.  Small business in particular has not felt appreciated, much less welcome by the city.  Small businesses ask, what’s the value of locating in Port Hueneme?  Any viable economic recovery must include our local business community highlighted by the Port, the Naval Base and its business partners and a will to boost our local business community such as by fast tracking the regulatory process.  We must work with small businesses to get them up and running with a minimum of regulatory delay.  The City must then quickly demonstrate that it can competently handle revenue.  Trust in city governance can only be restored by demonstrating efficient municipal money management.

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Economic Development   If we are to survive as a self-governed community, we must cultivate new sources of revenue.  Any viable economic recovery must include the Port of Hueneme, Naval Base Ventura County and our smaller local businesses.  My marketing and management expertise and business affiliations can help forge mutually beneficial partnerships.  We must fill vacant storefronts through innovative incentives as opposed to taxation and regulatory impairments. Strategic creativity can provide results.  Unfortunately overly complicated compliance, over-regulation and excessive taxes are killing what’s left of our small businesses.  Finally, we must make the highest and best use of real property assets that remain under the City’s control, this includes the beach, public lands and under-utilized parcels.


Cooperation   If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.  For the business community to lead in partnering with the city puts the cart before the horse, ideally the city must lead by reaching out to the Port, the Navy and our community businesses.  The city must demonstrate the will to create the conditions for a collaborative effort.  City leadership must demonstrate itself capable of rebuilding its decimated leadership ranks.  I have worked to successfully promote the Port of Hueneme as Ventura County’s economic engine.  A 2013 economic impact report by Martin Associates identified 191 direct jobs related to operations at the Port of Hueneme, an updated study performed in 2016 indicates that now 413 Hueneme residents are directly employed as a result of Port activities.  The Port depends on these hard working citizens and by any measuring stick, this employment rate is a good thing.  We must nurture this and other examples of this symbiotic connection between the City and the Port, the Navy and the small business community.

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Visionary Leadership. The last 18 months can best be described as turbulent.  We must bridge the current divide among Council members that inhibits forward progress.   The morale of our employees, the confidence residents have in the future, the reputation we have outside our boundaries, and our sense of self-respect all depend on devising a vision to which we can all agree.  This can only be accomplished through selfless leadership and rededicating ourselves to the common good of the community.  I fully pledge myself to this overarching goal and will contribute the leadership necessary for its accomplishment.


Public Safety   Public safety must be made a top priority.   The economic health of our communities can’t exist without a safe environment.  Standard public safety formula calls for 1.5 officers per 1000 residents.  Utilizing this would result in 33 officers for the city of Port Hueneme.  Our current manning stands at 22, including our interim chief and an administrative officer, leaving 20 officers to patrol our streets.  As officers take vacation or are otherwise unavailable for service the remaining officers must take on more hours to cover shifts.  Excessive overtime hours wears down our police department.  Compounding the damage due to this shortage of officers and other pressures such PROP. 47 & AB 109, our police department has increasingly become a responding department rather than the pro-active department which they were initially trained to be.  Our police department needs the City’s immediate attention.  We must immediately hire two officers understanding this is only a band-aid on a severed arm.  Newer, more modern equipment including police dogs must be incorporated into response programs.  State and federal security grant programs available to the Port and homeland security teams can be collaboratively pursued to fulfill this need.  We should strongly consider managing the city’s lifeguard program under the Police Department. 


My Message   Port Hueneme needs a new direction and a new attitude, a solutions based economic development plan relying on collaboration and partnership followed up with competent revenue management.  I’m a 17-year Hueneme resident, all in Harbor Lights where I served for six years on the Board, five as HOA president and community watch contact with the Port Hueneme police department.   My career has grown with the support of my community.  I’m excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively with others to help guide the City into stronger economic growth.  I deeply care about Port Hueneme and want to leverage the resources of the Port and the Naval Base to generate even stronger relationships that will positively impact our community, our small businesses, our families and our quality of life.


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