Candidate’s Corner–Jim Hensley running for Port Hueneme City Council

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Jim Hensley

Jim Hensley

I’m running for a seat on the Port Hueneme City Council for three reasons:

  • Being a proactive person I stand up for what needs to be done.  Many people complain and don’t do anything.  Instead of complaining, I study an issue and see how it can be best resolved and then take action by collaborating with all involved.
  • As a member of the community I’ve been attending the Council meetings at City of Port Hueneme for three years learning the city is facing some difficult times. It is apparent there are some serious and possibly discordant issues with our best neighboring assets.  Being a former military motivational management trainer my skill set will be a bonus to help all entities work in harmony for synergistic prosperity.  
  • Qualifications: I previously held public elected office as a director of the Channel Islands Community Service District. In that capacity I was able to listen to the constituents and learn the issues first hand on a local scale and how that those issues could be resolved or mitigated for the betterment of the community.  Currently I represent the City of Port Hueneme on the Ventura County Transportation Committee.  Likewise I am well connected with Ventura County as a result of being a member of the Sierra Club,  past Deputy District Director and current member of  the  League of United Latin American Citizens,   Ventura County CoastKeepers, the Ormond Beach Wetlands Task Force.  I provide a public service blog “Events Log” as well as my involvement on two  nonprofit boards.  I’ve previously served as a director on the district board of the VC Sanitation District, a member of the VC Special Districts Committee and the Association of Water   Agencies.

Being a retired military person my realtor found me a good deal three and half years ago. I purchased a home in the Hueneme Bay Seniors Community on the GI Bill, enjoying the location and amenities, especially a swimming pool which is kept warm year round.


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