Candidates Corner–Mark Reed candidate for the 30th Congressional District


Mark Reed, Candidate

Mark Reed, Candidate

Mark Reed candidate for the 30th Congressional District

Ask yourself; 
Are Congress and the Federal Government doing a good job?
Would you retain an employee if you only approved of his performance 10% of the time?

On November 4th you have the power to change that by choosing new representation. I’m humbly asking for your vote. I have a strong belief that real representation will put country before party and people before politics. 
I am running for Congress in California’s 30th District to bring our voice to Washington D.C. and express our concerns and needs.

Because of partisan politics, our country is mired in multiple scandals, including the VA, the IRS and Benghazi. We are over 17 trillion dollars in debt, welfare spending has been increased by 60% and 43 million people are now collecting food stamps. Over nine million jobs have vanished, millions have given up looking for work, and the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high. Economic growth is stuck in the 2%-3% range. In the first quarter of 2014 the GDP plummeted 2.5%.

World respect for the United States is at an all-time low. Our Mid-East policy is in complete disarray, and for the first time since 1947, Israel’s existence is truly in danger. Radical Islam, Russia, Iran and China are on the march. Iraq has disintegrated since we withdrew our troops, and there is the danger of an Islamic Caliphate forming in the heart of the Middle East, stretching from Syria to Afghanistan. The recent Affordable Health Care Act rollout has been an ongoing disaster with millions losing their healthcare insurance, their family doctor, and their local hospital.

I am a life-long resident of the San Fernando Valley, and we need a Congressman who will put OUR needs first. I WILL! We need businesses to return to our community, bringing high skilled, good paying, career oriented jobs with them. We need a stable economy so our largest investment, our homes, will be safe from disaster brought upon us by government regulations. The San Fernando Valley is home to thousands of Veterans, and we need to secure their services for them at the last remaining V.A., the Sepulveda V.A… The Sepulveda V.A. is our Shining City on the Hill for our Veterans in the valley, and our community pride in our patriotic dedication to our great nation.

As part of the support of our education system, we need to admit that 70% of our students do not go on to college. Our high schools are failing to prepare our students with the necessary skills needed to join the work force. We need to support trade schools and create a partnership with the business community in the hiring of our graduates.

We need a Congressman who understands the need for water in California and the San Fernando Valley. My opponent promised hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up the aquifer in the San Fernando Valley that was poisoned by government operations. One-half of the wells cannot be used due to these toxins. Now, the DWP wants to build the filtration system to bring these wells online and charge you, the rate payer over $800 million to do so.

We need a Congressman who will develop a relationship with the Army Corps of Engineers to develop a plan to capture and replenish the natural aquifer in the San Fernando Valley, not one who shuts off the water to the central valley, destroying family farms, jobs, and the California farming industry. We lose billions of gallons of water every rainy season. Just look at the Los Angeles River. I ask you: Why is all this runoff being diverted to the sea and wasted?

I believe America was not built by unions, labor and management, or by Republicans and Democrats. It was built by Americans, through our mutual respect for, and acknowledgment of, the talents, abilities, and the hard work that each of our fellow Americans has offered in the building of our nation. It is the free market that has given us the opportunity to build a nation second to none, and every time we fail to acknowledge this, we work to undermine that very system. The real power of America is not found in Washington D.C. but right here, in our communities, in our homes and at our dining room tables. A building’s foundation comes from the ground up, not from the penthouse down. The same is true of America – it’s the people, not Washington, which is the core of our strength.

We do not need the government to remind us of who we are, and we do not want our government to cripple us financially and stifle our ability to be the generous people we’ve always been. No other country has ever matched our concern or private generosity when it comes to the general welfare of the people in this country or around the world. It is because of the average American that we are the greatest nation in history, not because of the size of our government. Our government needs to believe in the people of our nation and follow the Constitution.

American economist Robert P. Murphy of the Mises Institute once said:

“Only by fostering private enterprise can the United States truly capitalize on its most basic advantage over communism.”

And Winston Churchill said this:

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

I’m asking you to join me in demanding that our elected representatives hear each of our voices in demanding fiscal responsibility, like we practice in our own homes and businesses. I will work to pass legislation for a balanced budget amendment, and I will fight to reduce the size of government and the federal debt. I will always work to foster private enterprise over big government, so that each and every one of us can remain free to pursue our goals and vision for ourselves and our families.

Please join my campaign by making a donation or volunteering some of your talents and time. Please send me an email or join me at one of my events. Together we can restore America for our grandchildren and preserve the freedoms promised to us by our Founding Fathers. 
I am humbly asking for your vote on November 4th.

God bless you and God Bless America.

Mark Reed

Mark Reed For Congress – 30th District – 2014 California

Mark Reed For Congress – 30th District – 2014 California


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