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I am Mark Reed, the elected Candidate for Congress in the 30th District,who wants to restore jobs in the District for ALL SFV residents, regardless of their Party registration.
I have a core belief to put Country before Party, People before Politics. It is time to change the representation in the 30th Congressional District. I am a life-long resident of the San Fernando Valley, business owner, and American, who will:
Respect Veterans. Restore our Respect for Immigrants. Restore our dignity. Restore Jobs.

A recent Encino Chamber Of Commerce event, with about 30 people in attendance, featured District Director for Congressman Brad Sherman, Scott Abrams. Mr. Abrams was Brad Sherman’s former, and most recent, Campaign Manager.

Mr. Abrams and the Congressman had represented to the Chamber that the nature of their presentation would be a generalization of the duties of a member of Congress.

However, the entire presentation was instead clearly campaign rhetoric, rehearsing recent and long-past accomplishments of the long-term Congressman.
Mark Reed was in the audience and posed these three questions:
Has Brad Sherman taken a position on the issue (based on public knowledge and facts) that Time Warner currently owes the city of Los Angeles $10 million dollars,  and is Sherman trying to force binding arbitration in order to bring equitable access of Dodger games to viewers in his district? The response given, on behalf of Brad Sherman, is: The Time Warner issue is between the City of Los Angeles and Time Warner. It is a city issue, not a federal issue.

Does Brad Sherman have any comments about his cozy relationship with  United Technologies, which has bought out all the major aerospace manufacturing and research-and-development entities in order to move them out of the San Fernando Valley?

When Brad Sherman took office, in 1996, there were one million high-skilled, high-paying, career-oriented jobs in Southern California that were located in the Valley. Currently, there are 500,000 low-paying, short-term manufacturing jobs in the San Fernando Valley because United Technologies, along with Brad Sherman, has moved them OUT of the Valley.

The response given, on behalf of Brad Sherman, to the second question is: Brad Sherman’s former campaign manager did not address the cozy relationship between United Technologies and the Congressman. He did not address Brad Sherman’s disdain for the military. Furthermore, he did not address the loss of all the manufacturing and R&D jobs in the San Fernando Valley. Instead, he called it just a “change of the times.”

In an interview on CSPAN, recently, Brad Sherman down-played the brutality of ISIL and the problems in the Middle East, aligning himself with the President’s opinion that ISIL is not an Islamic extremist movement, and if we remove ISIL from the region, a worse player will come in and fill the vacuum.

Brad Sherman continues to take this position, even though the “I” in ISIL stands for Islam, and ISIL has already documented over 500 women and children being buried alive, a 5-year-old child cut in half by a sword, and three civilians brutally beheaded on video for the world to see. Tens of thousands of other Christians are being killed, murdered in ISIL’s attempt to create an Islamic State. Brad Sherman refuses to approve bombing in Syria, although ISIL is knocking at the door of Israel at the Syrian/Israel border. ISIL has made it known in public that they want to kill Jews and Christians.

The response given, on behalf of Brad Sherman to the third question is:Brad Sherman’s former campaign manager confirmed that Brad Sherman does not consider ISIL an Islamic extremist movement. He also confirmed his alliance and support of this administration’s (tepid) response to the problems facing the Middle East and Israel. He also confirmed that Brad Sherman supported the failure of the Status of Forces Agreement with IRAQ, and supports no Status and Forces agreement with Afghanistan; (Mark Reed’s post event commentary: The consequences of such action will create a vacuum of power, and the Taliban will come back in and take over Afghanistan. )

Another Encino Chamber member asked Mr. Scott Abrams how many bills Brad Sherman has authored and has gotten signed into law.

The response given, on behalf of Brad Sherman, is: Mr. Abrams admitted, on Brad Sherman’s behalf, that he has zero; that he has co-sponsored everyone else’s legislation during his time in office. (An admission nothing has originated from Sherman’s office.)

I am Mark Reed and I appreciate your vote and financial support to gets us to a noticeable victory on November 4th.

Mark Reed For Congress


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