Candidates forum: Pointed immigration questions to Tony Strickland and Steve Knight- CD25 candidates

Both appear to waffle

Candidates Corner (facts with some opinion)

By  Greg Aprahamian


l-r: Steve Knight, Tony Strickland (photo: SCVSignal)

Below are the video clips of the immigration questions that I asked Congressional Candidates Steve Knight and Tony Strickland at the candidate symposium in Santa Clarita, CA on Sept 17th.

Editor’s note: they are the two District 25 Republican candidates for Congress.

My goal in attending the symposium was to ask direct questions about illegal immigration to each of the candidates, to see where they stand and to get direct answers.  It’s no secret that politicians have a tendency to want to dodge and dance around difficult questions, but I did my very best to try and get them to directly answer my questions in the short time that I had.

I’ll let you be the judge of where each candidate stands on this issue and their understanding of the subject.

As the campaign continues, I will continue to engage with the 25th District Republican candidates Steve Knight and Tony Strickland on immigration issues and report back to you with what I see and learn.

Lets hope that we can improve them on this issue, and if possible have some influence over them, because one of them is going to represent us in Washington.

I encourage everyone to continue to engage with Knight and Strickland by mailing the Numbers USA letter packet:

P.S.:  I recommend that you watch the immigration questions in this sequence.

 Tony Strickland (Former State Senator):

1st Video:


Tony Strickland:

 2nd Video:


Steve Knight (Current 21st District State Senator):

3rd Video


Steve Knight:

4th Video


Steve Knight:

5th Video


Steve Knight:

6th Video:


Greg Aprahamian is an immigration activist residing in Santa Clarita


editor’s note:  Santa Clarita Valley Signal- had an event  report, Congressional Candidates Meet in SCV Forum,  and commented:

 “They also differed — slightly — on comprehensive immigration reform. Although Strickland declined to be pinned down on whether he supports an amnesty for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., Knight said he would oppose granting them legal status. But he favors comprehensive immigration reform.”



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