Capturing the Fall–A photographic journal of the Cedar Mountains

By Tom Baldwin

I left Ventura County, California and moved to Cedar City, Utah about eight years ago. One fall day, after I had been here a few years, I was looking up at Cedar baldwin.2Mountain that towers about four thousand feet over our little city. I saw some orange and yellow spots and realized trees up there were changing colors. I have always loved taking pictures of nature so I decided to go up there and see if I could find some nice scenes to photograph. I did, and now go back every fall.

Over the years I have learned for the best results you get up before dawn on what will be a clear, cloudless morning. Make sure you arrive before sunrise because it is those early morning horizontal sun-rays that are best for photographing tress and leaves and you don’t want to miss any of them. The morning sun front lights or back lights the leaves in a beautiful manner that the noontime vertical rays just don’t do. In the early morning the shadows are deepest under the trees, too, and there in the semi dark you also can get some good pictures.

All of these photographs were taken, following my own advice, September 21, 2014. Any of you can do the same. I did not use a fancy camera. I don’t own one. I just used a cheap Cannon Power Shot A 610, and for most of the shots it was set to AUTO. Nothing was posed. I did not use any filters. None of pictures has been retouched or even cropped. The only real talent I might have displayed was knowing when to be there, driving around looking at everything while knowing what sort of elements make for a nice picture, and how to compose the shot.

Ventura County has some nice trees that turn yellow, orange, and red with the seasons too. They should start changing soon. Good luck photographing them.

 *All photo credits, Tom Baldwin















































































firestormsTom Baldwin is a former Moorpark resident where he served his community on the school board.  He moved with his family to Cedar City Utah and is an accomplished writer.

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