Carla Castilla vs. Kelly Long


District 3 Ventura County Supervisor Candidate Kelly Long

EditorialBy George Miller


We have watched the 3rd District Ventura County Supervisors race from afar, occasionally reporting on it, but taking no position. Usually, we only make a recommendation when we feel strongly about a candidate. As you can see from the voter guide in our Candidates Corner section, we endorsed Kelly Long for the job earlier this week. Frankly, we weren’t overly impressed when we first heard she was running and didn’t know a lot about her. She doesn’t have a Conservative reputation, because she’s really not.

We had contacted both candidates- Castilla and Long- for an interview. Neither initially responded, but finally Long did. After doing some homework on her and interviewing her, we were favorably impressed, as you can see from our report on that. We also followed the campaign and watched candidate forums, such as this one. But it was after we looked more closely at Castilla that we decided to make the recommendation of Long.

Castilla learned her politics at the knees of people like Lois Capps and Hannah-Beth Jackson, who, although they are probably good people, have a record of voting for policies which have caused our state and nation to slip considerably. Based upon Castilla’s utterances, endorsements and alliances, we have no reason to believe she would behave much differently.

Then, there’s the Castilla ethics issue- voter “irregularities” and such and her “spin” surrounding it. The VC Star has exposed this well, based on tips and investigations. We were also tipped off, but were only 2 days into our own investigation when the first Star expose came out. Scooped, we were.

But, it is better to vote FOR someone than AGAINST their opponent. When we learned more about Long’s home life, her fierce dedication to family and work, which extended to her children’s schooling, then finally to the presidency of the school board, her engineering background, successful consulting business, general outlook, intelligence, stability, reputation, her thoughts about what the County needs and even the six patents she holds, we realized that we were looking at someone of real substance.

She has no political “paper trail,” having stayed away from that. We classified her as “purple,” neither really partisan Democrat nor Republican. So, she really seems like a good fit for the current state of the Ventura County body politic, even if not our ideal designer candidate.


Ventura County Supervisor District 3

George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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