Cartoonist Chip Bok: Iran Deal Bizarro World

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 It’s the President Obama’s Bizarro World and we’re just living in it.

In order to pass the Iran Nuclear deal he created a parallel universe. Critics believe the deal qualifies as a treaty. A treaty requires 2/3 Senate approval and that wasn’t about to happen. Just ask John Kerry.

So the president made it an executive agreement. No approval needed.

Bizarro World

That was one indignity too far for Senator  Bob Corker. Corker decided to defend the Senate’s  honor by allowing a vote of disapproval of the executive agreement. Obama agreed and promised to veto a vote to disapprove. Overriding a veto requires a 2/3 vote by the full Congress.

It never came to that. The president was able to muster 42 Senate votes to keep the vote for disapproval from even coming to the floor.

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