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    Castro’s Abbott Ambush



    By Mike Smith

    Congressman Joaquin Castro was not at Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s town hall at the University of Texas at Tyler last Thursday — and yet he was.

    Courtesy of the Democrat Media Complex, Rep. Castro got the last word in, albeit in abstentia (see video at 53:07 mark):

    FULL: Abbott Town Hall

    Remember when cameo appearances were for movies?

    Now, where was Joaquin Castro (Socialist-San Antonio) when his brother —2020 presidential candidate Julian Castro— claimed on national TV there are transgender ‘females’? And when Bill Maher called Julian on his bluff, Joaquin was nowhere to be found then, either.

    But when Governor Abbott took the stage in Tyler on the 15th, Joaquin Castro could not get there fast enough. Not physically, anyway.

    It surely took some gall (or not?), for Castro to ambush Governor Abbott at his own town hall — the night of Abbott’s thirty-eighth wedding anniversary.

    Castro’s Abbott ambush was intended to be seen by Texans. And it was — all across the Lone Star state.

    But if Joaquin Castro thinks what he did on Thursday, August 15th will stay here in Texas, he’s got to be smoking something.

    The internet is a funny thing —  it can be used to doxx people who give money to your arch-enemy But it can also be used to make you eat your own words in front of God and country.

    Remember, folks: never point a finger forgetting you have three other ones pointing right back at you — especially when you’re on live TV.

    And if you’re not Joaquin Castro, keep a bag of popcorn ready in case he ‘shows up’ again wherever the lamestream media ‘need’ him to be. Keep your kernels dry, patriots.

    Oh, and Joaquin — thanks for inviting every patriot and citizen journalist in Texas to keep tabs on your Clinton-esque ‘ready for change’ resistance movement. Thought you were the only person in Texas with a camera and phone, did you?

    Data rates and election consequences apply.

    Townhall Video:

    Mike Smith is a roving patriot, committed to keeping the weird honest and the traditionalist genuine — wherever he finds them.

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