CDC Admits That “Fully Vaccinated” Americans Are Super-Spreaders Carrying Deadly Variants And High Viral Loads


(Natural News) It is official: The biggest public health threat right now are “fully vaccinated” people, whom the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now warns are super-spreaders polluting society with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “variants.”

Nothing the CDC did this past year helped bring the “case” count down, nor did the agency save any lives. To the contrary, by pushing face masks and Fauci Flu shots, the CDC took people’s lives, all the while depriving the public of information about how to support their immune systems naturally.

We tried to tell everyone and were ridiculed repeatedly. To give him credit, so did former President Donald Trump, who early on revealed that existing off-patent medications like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) would have done the job without the need for medical fascism and injections.

Unfortunately, Trump decided to go all-in with the deep state by proudly taking ownership of “Operation Warp Speed.” Since that time, the former president has been aggressively promoting his vaccine, calling himself the “father” of the Chinese Virus injection.

We know some of our readers do not like to hear this, but Trump has declared it with his own lips, which makes him no better than Tony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky, or any of the other medical fascists telling us all that we need to get injected in order to buy, sell, and keep a job.

The government is murdering Americans with its anti-science policies

As for the people who have gotten the jab, expert Geert vanden Bossche has issued a “final warning” about how the government’s vaccination program must stop immediately to avoid the unleashing of an “incurable, deadly, unstoppable wave of disease.”

We are already seeing the early signs of this wave in the form of widespread vaccine-related injuries and deaths. People are losing their limbs, developing deadly blood clots, and now they are “shedding” disease-causing spike proteins onto their neighbors.

The “erosion” of immunity caused by these vaccine-induced variant infections is breeding a must worse public health disaster, perhaps unlike anything the world has ever seen before, Bossche would seem to suggest.

“[M]ass vaccination promotes natural selection of increasingly vaccine immunity (VI)-escaping variants in the vaccinated part of the population,” he writes in a new study posted to his blog.

“Taken together, mass vaccination conducted on a background of high infectivity rates enables more infectious, increasingly VI-escaping variants to expand in prevalence. This evolution inevitably results in inclining morbidity rates in both, the non-vaccinated and vaccinated population and precipitates the emergence of circulating viral variants that will eventually fully resist vaccine-mediated immunity (VMI).”

Injecting people with experimental drug substances and genetic modifiers during an alleged “pandemic” is about the worst thing public health officials could have done, Bossche says, especially when the disease in question is brought about by a highly mutable virus.

“It is critical to understand that a rapid decline in viral infectivity rates that is not achieved by natural infection but merely results from expedited mass vaccination campaigns will only delay abrupt propagation of emerging, fully vaccine-resistant viral variants and hence, only delay the occurrence of a high wave of morbidity and mortality,” he suggests.

The best way to handle the plandemic from the start would have been to encourage people to boost their immune systems with vitamins, minerals, a clean diet filled with healthy organic foods, regular exercise, quality rest, hydration and minimal stress. Instead, the government pushed fear, experimental pharmaceuticals, hysteria, panic and insanity.

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Where is the video evidence of this admission by the CDC?


Actually, Trump is different in his support of the vaccine. He’s a businessman relying on info from “medical professionals” like Fauci. Fauci, on the other hand, is a “doctor” trained in this sort of thing.

Last edited 10 days ago by Cornell

Fauci funded this “thing” – research him more. Scary guy.


WHO is responsible for this?? SHAMEFUL when you consider just how many people are now infected due to their ignorance. It’s been a FACT that the majority of cases in the past month, since the Delta variance, are to those who HAVE NOT been vaccinated. WE who are and have been must take care due to you/those who refuse to be vaccinated lest you infect dozens more! WAKE UP!


Completely wrong as vaccine does not STOP or prevent spread !


Thank you for that – Vaccines are meant to protect from the “disease” they were made for and to prevent illness – therefore why is this even being called a “vaccine”


[…] have to wear masks once inoculated, now that their human DNA’s been permanently altered, the vaccinated are facing a potentially grim fate, with spike proteins, graphene oxide and nanoparticles linked […]

Barbara Carrino


Jared Smith

Its biowarfare. Scientists are coming out in China exposing the facts. Wuhan and several other labs in China has made this virus. None of these so-called vaccines are the answer they never were. And Trump is by far not the only one that pushed this to the extreme as it is being blasted in your ears Everyday by our current Administration. The Chinese don’t have to Nuke anybody they’re letting our own governing bodies kill us.


How do you explain the fact that the vast majority of people currently hospitalized are unvaccinated? Doesn’t that show that the vaccines are pretty effective?


Is it impossible to think that they knew this would happen? Anyone who resists their demand for the vaccine will end up sick or dead anyway because they created a “vaccine” that is so unstable not only does it not fully protect those that get it, but it allowes the vaccinated to cary the virus and pass it on to other that are not and those that are! Nobody is safe.
Only those that have survived and been exposed multiple times without getting sick are immune. Those “booster shots” that they keep talking about… are no different than if a survivor came in contact with someone carrying the virus and didn’t get sick. The body recognized the virus and blocked it and thus stronger antibodies were produced naturally. (Explained to me by a biochemist when I asked why I wasn’t dead or sick after being exposed so many times in the last 18months after contracting covid & surviving.)


anyone who was vaccinated for less than14 days is considered non-vaccinated. This helps news outlets continue to manipulate you


‘Plandemic’ Haha!

Caryl Tallon

God save us. Keep your immunity system up as mentioned.


I totally believe it and agree completly

Julie Janczyk

wishing more folks would pull their head out of the MSM AND GOV ADM BROTHEL Before IT IS TOO LATE.


How do you suggest we get rid of the CCP’s bio-weapon it unleashed on us? Just put our collective heads in the sand and ignore it while the CCP takes the opportunity to further its NWO agenda against us? Or maybe its worth considering that we could stop being scared, take the bull by the horns, and fight back against their bio-weapon.


Great ideas, Jesse !