CDC Now Pushing For Nationwide Mandatory Vaccine Tracking Database Of All Americans, Even After Admitting The Vaccine Is Failing


(Natural News) If it wasn’t obvious after Democrats used the COVID pandemic to steal President Donald Trump’s reelection they would ride the outbreak into perpetual power and destroy the Bill of Rights, then maybe now, months into the Biden regime, it’s become clearer.

After tens of millions of Americans were persuaded to take a COVID-19 vaccine on the promise that it would be a ‘pathway back to normalcy,’ we are now learning that the regime lied about that, too. What’s more, there is an effort afoot to not only mandate vaccines without the government mandating them, but to track all Americans once they’ve gotten the jab.

We’ll explain.

Biden and his handlers know that the federal government cannot simply mandate that all Americans get a vaccine; first of all, they are all experimental, and secondly, the government has no constitutional authority. Successive federal courts would strike it down and the Supreme Court would uphold those cases.

So instead, the regime is counting on left-wing allies in Corporate America, many of which are following the regime’s lead in forcing federal workers to get the shot if they want to maintain their employment. Private companies can do what they want (within reason) if they feel it’s ‘in the best interests of their employees’. So there; a mandate without really mandating a vaccine.

And once companies begin mandating the vaccines, then the regime can consider the next step in using the pandemic to exert control: Vaccine tracking databases, which will eventually be used to create COVID vaccine passports, which will be used to further control our movements and activities.

Sound crazy? Hardly; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Dr. Rochelle Walensky essentially admitted as much in recent days, which alarmed Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.).

“I think if we see more and more people who are vaccinated, our children are vaccinated, we have full vaccination in schools, we have full vaccination in teachers, all of those are documented, we have disease rates that are low, I think then we can start thinking about what — how we can loosen up and not seeing clusters and outbreaks in these school systems,” Walensky said during an interview on CNN.

“The thing that’s most important to me through all of this is that our kids get back in school full-time in-person learning. And we’re not there yet. We’re far from there. And I want our children to be safe,” she added.

That’s not a good thing, Murphy told Breitbart on SiriusXM.

“I don’t have the greatest respect for [Walensky] because of some of the waffling back and forth with these decisions not based upon science, only based upon political progressiveness, as it were. That’s a very concerning term,” Murphy said.

“In other words, we want you documented, we want to be able to control you, we want to be able to do this and move on,” he added.


He went on to speculate that Walensky used the terminology to send up a trial balloon for the regime to gauge.

“For [Walensky] to say this, and then she’ll go back and she’ll just check the temperature and check with Biden, check with Obama, check with Kamala, [to] see what messaging they want to get out, and then she’ll be the mouthpiece for it. It’s just it’s very, very concerning. … One day, it’s one thing, one day, it’s the next thing, trying to prolong this,” he added.

Mind you, this all comes at a time when we’re finding out — again — that the vaccines aren’t even effective.

Walensky’s CDC said on Friday that the reason why the agency re-imposed mask guidance is because the new Delta variant is proving to be contagious even among vaccinated Americans.

The Daily Mail reports:

In a report published on Friday, the federal health agency detailed a COVID-19 outbreak earlier this month in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, linked to the spread of the Indian ‘Delta’ variant.

Researchers found nearly three-quarters of the infections occurred in people who were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with either of three shots approved in the U.S. for emergency use. [our emphasis]

Nothing about this virus makes sense — except that the authoritarians in the Democratic Party are using it to amass and consolidate their own power.

Sources include:

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William Hicks

Remember all the things told by us from fauci and the cdc that turned out to either be wrong or just stupid:

  1. All we have to do is wash our hands several times a day.WRONG….the virus is spread by aerosol through our breath, not surfaces we touch.
  2. We don’t need masks, then we do need masks, maybe two or three masks, then if we have been vaccinated we don’t need to wear a mask, then even if we have ben vaccinated we need to wear a mask. STUPID.

QUESTION(S)…….When are we going to ignore the unelected people from the CDC and their mandates for vaccinations and foreclosure protection? In the case of foreclosure protection, how are they capable of this when the Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional?

C E Voigtsberger

I wonder which salute the dictators will insist on? Will it be the raised hand a la the Democratic Socialists aka NAZIs used? I don’t remember what the fascists in Italy used. Was it also the raised hand? Will they use the raised fist of the black movement? The hand over the heart of the Islamists? It’s getting hard to have an individualized salute, so many have been already used.

C E Voigtsberger

I feel we are only one election away from Nazi Germany style, “Show Me Your Papers!!!”

We already have major companies demanding that their employees get the magic potion. Federal, state and local agencies are demanding that their employees get the magic potion. And various pundits wonder why folks aren’t rushing to fill available jobs. Duhhh. If I have to explain it to you, it will be like teaching a pig to sing opera.

The big question in my mind is why the strident demanding that folks get vaccinated? If it is as efficacious as claimed, it should be easy to show that it is in the citizen’s best interest to get vaccinated. By draconian demanding vaccination, in my mind shows the weakness of the supposed magic potion. Of course, the proven lies of various government officials at all levels, in addition to various governmental officials exposed for violating their own mandates leads to the credibility problem that government at all levels has self-created.

The scariest words in the English language, “I’m from the government and I am here to help you.” They are even scarier today than they were during Ronald Reagan’s lifetime.


This administration is doing exactly what Stalin and the Communist Manifesto outlines. They need useful idiots, to do their dirty work. They truly hate this country, by purposely turning people against each other. Notice they ignore the hundreds of thousands of fetuses they abort every year? But, that’s ok, right? The flu has been far more dangerous and lethal, to all age groups. But, they never forced the flu vaccine on you, did they? They wish to continue their control and rule, by continuing to push fear, misinformation, distortions… and outright lies. Ver ist das papers?!

William Hicks

QUESTION…….Is it that a woman has a right to privacy because it’s “her body” for an abortion, but not a right to privacy because she doesn’t want “THE JAB?”

William Hicks

Is it that the vaccine is “Failing” or is it that it is not perfect? I guess it depends on what it was originally designed for. IF, at the onset, it was designed to protect the most at risk, the elderly and those with co-mormidities, you might be more prone to say it isn’t failing, as there are fewer deaths and hospitalizations. BUT if you accept politicians playing doctor that the vaccine has no deficiencies, then you might guess it is a failure. Politicians have a way of making absolute statements of fact that they can’t prove and expect the people they represent to not remember when they make false statements. That makes it hard to accept their mandates for shots when there’s no proof beyond a doubt they are telling you the truth. The failure is mainly in their messaging.

William Hicks

Who’s going to insist (mandate) illegal invaders take the jab? OR, are they exempt as future democrats?


They’re privileged…and, granted more freedom from laws, that US citizens have to follow. Sorta like Democrat politicians, governors and mayors…to name a few

D. Pringle



Come on, really???

“If it wasn’t obvious after Democrats used the COVID pandemic to steal President Donald Trump’s reelection they would ride the outbreak into perpetual power and destroy the Bill of Rights, then maybe now, months into the Biden regime, it’s become clearer.”

These assertions don’t even pass the giggle test. You’re going the wrong direction, Citizens Opinion.


Trump is not president because he alienated every minority group in the country. He pandered to white supremist. He achieved almost nothing due to his inability to manage. The one legislative achievement was really done by the Senate and House. I wonder how bad it would have been if Trump had been intelligent, and competent. Also, he’s a really bad person. Cheating on wives, paying porn stars off, kissing the butt of Putin. Beyond executive orders, and nominating judges, he’s a failure. The executive order are all almost removed at this point.

George Pattone

I suppose you think Biden and Co. are doing a better job, Bob???
Are your but thurt feelings healing now that “Orange Man Bad” is out of the White House???
Grow up a learn the difference between substance and style…


Obviously, you’re not up on verifiable voting demographics. How’s that KoolAid treating you Joe? You might want to try Chamomile instead, when you’re getting your daily dose of Pravda propaganda, from the lying corporate media.