CEQA/NEPA environmental review for the VenturaWaterPure Project

By Daniel Cormode

 Agenda Item 13 to the City Council Meeting of March 20,2017 is a recommendation that City Council approve and authorize the Mayor to execute a Professional Services Agreement with Environmental Science Associates for services associated with performing a California Enviromental Quality Act (CEQA)/ National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) environmental review for the VenturaWaterPure Advanced Treatment, Reuse and Diversion Infrastructure Project in an amount not to exceed $1,030,989.96, including a $93,725.35 contingency.

2.      From reading the list of ongoing technical studies, it appears that Ventura Water is considering indirect potable reuse of wastewater which requires a secondary treatment almost as extensive a direct potable reuse before it can be used a potable water, thereby, making the cost of potable water almost twice as expensive as direct potable reuse water.

3.      It would appear that it is premature to develop a CEQA/NEPA environmental review of a conceptual project before concentrate (brine) discharge study and design, groundwater injection study, the Advanced Water Treatment Facility siting, and conceptual design and engineering for the report of wastewater discharge are completed.

4.      The City has the following technical studies currently being conducted which are not expected to be completed until approximately April 1, 2018:

a.      Conceptual Design and Technical Report of Treatment Wetlands.

b.      Hydrogeological Study for the Aquifer Storage and Recovery of Water in the Mound Basin.

c.      Brine Disposal and Ocean Outfall Conceptual Design.

d.      Potable Reuse Pipeline Alignment Study.

e.      Conceptual Site Layouts for the Advanced Water Treatment Plant Facility.

f.       Phase 3 Special Studies for the Santa Clara River Estuary.

g.      Potable Reuse Permitting and Engineering Report.

5.      It is requested that Ventura Water provide that Ventura Water identify the cost of each of the technical studies identified in Paragraphs 4.a-4.g above and whether direct or indirect potable reuse is being proposed.

6.      This request for information is being submitted in accordance with the California Public Records Act.

Daniel Cormode is a Ventura resident and the Chairman of the Planning & Development Committee for The East Ventura Community Council. He  has dedicated his life to researching Ventura water issues.

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