Change Oxnard in One Hour

Aaron Starr for Mayor


The election is tomorrow, November 6. May I have one hour of your time today to help change Oxnard?

Please spend just one hour calling your list of contacts in Oxnard – the people who know you, like you and trust you. Please let your Oxnard friends know there is a candidate for Oxnard Mayor who:

  • Refuses to accept any compensation as Mayor because he believes it’s not truly public service unless one is volunteering to serve.
  • Offers his experience as a Certified Public Accountant and currently serves as the financial controller of a billion-dollar Oxnard company, so you know he can address City Hall’s ongoing financial and managerial challenges.
  • Is committed to bringing in companies that offer higher paying jobs to Oxnard so that our children and grandchildren can afford to live here.
  • Understands that bringing such employers to Oxnard will increase our city’s revenues and make it possible to provide vital services, such as fixing our roads, funding our police and addressing the growing homeless problem.

When you speak with your friends and neighbors, focus on the positive. Let them know that voting for Aaron Starr for Oxnard Mayor can help us bring a positive future for Oxnard.

However, if they insist on talking about incumbent Tim Flynn, you may want to remind them that:

  • Tim Flynn was first elected to the city council in 2004, so we shouldn’t expect his performance to improve.
  • Tim Flynn’s administration chases away businesses that offer higher paying jobs, which is why Ventura has more businesses than Oxnard, even though we have nearly twice the population.
  • Tim Flynn has the wrong approach on public safety –– he voted to eliminate 16 officer positions … and crime is up over 51% since 2011.
  • Tim Flynn doesn’t maintain our streets –– since Tim Flynn was first elected Mayor, less than 30% of our roads have been resurfaced – and we have the worst roads in Ventura County.
  • Tim Flynn broke his promise for government transparent –– he voted last August to hide an audit report revealing misspending by the city’s Landscape Maintenance Districts.
  • Tim Flynn opposes open government –– he voted in October to move many public meetings to mid-day, a time inaccessible to most residents. He also received a warning letter back in July from the Ventura County District Attorney for violating the Brown Act.
  • Tim Flynn has sued the city three times while on the city council. He also spent taxpayer dollars suing his political opponent, lost in court multiple times and then blamed his opponent for the cost to taxpayers.

But rather than focusing on Tim Flynn’s flaws, try to steer the conversation toward the positives that we can bring to Oxnard with new leadership.  We have amazing potential and can do better than continue the problems of the past … we can pursue a brighter future.  

Tomorrow, November 6, is Election Day.

There are still many people who are undecided on the race for Oxnard Mayor.

You’ve gotten to know me. Your friends may not. A personal phone call from you today would make a world of difference.

Can you please spend just one hour today calling Oxnard friends to make the case for Aaron Starr for Oxnard Mayor?

Please let me know.

Thank you.


Aaron Starr

P.S. There are still many people who are undecided on how to vote for Oxnard Mayor during this Tuesday’s election. Personal recommendations can make the difference. Can you spend just one hour today calling your friends and ask them to vote for Aaron Starr for Oxnard Mayor?


Paid for by Aaron Starr for Oxnard Mayor, 2130 Posada Drive, Oxnard, CA 93030 


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