Channel Islands Harbor Dredging Update

Dredge2014From: Camarillo, Fred 

Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2017 2:57 PM
To: Butler, Rod ; Nichols, Carmen
Subject: Dredging Update

The dredging is continuing. Through the end of the day Tuesday, January 3rd, the dredging operation has yielded 180,000 cubic yards of material. The pre-dredging estimate of material was expected to be 24,000 cubic yards per day. Thus far they are averaging over 32,000 cubic yards per day. I have attached a few photos that show 1) the area at the end of the promenade down by the jetty that the material is currently being placed; and 2) the current erosion of our shoreline as of this morning.

If you zoom in on the first picture, you will see the bulldozers moving the dredged material. The second is our shoreline.


Sent by Port Hueneme Councilman Jim Hensley

Editor’s note: Channel Islands Harbor entrance area and sand trap above is dredged about every two years to keep it clear and also provide sand to the beaches to the south which are starved of sand flow by the jetties and breakwaters of Channel Islands and Port of Hueneme.  Most of the financing comes through the Army Corps of Engineers. We are told that the source of the funds is customs duties, which are provided to help keep the ports open.

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