Channel Islands Parade of Lights photos

By  George Miller

Every  year, on the second Saturday evening of December, the Channel Islands Parade of Lights boat procession is held. Entrants vie to outdo each other with boat decorating artistry. This year we were between rainstorms and had beautiful weather. The shores were lined with thousands of people, enjoying the free show.  2014’s theme was “Yo-ho-ho- it’s a pirate’s Christmas.”

ParadeofLights 123

Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club’s (PCYC) entry was a contender. (Photo:

The three biggest local yacht clubs, Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club (the fancy yacht club), Anacapa Yacht Club (claim to be the REAL sailors) , Channel Islands Yacht Clubs (the Party club) provided quite a few entries. Many more boats around the harbor were also decorated and did not enter the contest.


ParadeofLights 144

The Channel Islands Yacht Club entry. (Photo:


ParadeofLights 012

PCYC, on Harbor & Channel Islands Blvd., is a good viewing spot. (Photo:


ParadeofLights 063



ParadeofLights 204

This sailboat is between the gym and Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club. (Photo:


ParadeofLights 029

Boat leaves its Anacapa Marina slip to join parade. (Photo:


ParadeofLights 153



ParadeofLights 175

Some entries were more modest and tasteful. (Photo:


ParadeofLights 202

There were lights all over the harbor. (Photo:


ParadeofLights 163

Santa in helicopter, followed by duck. (Photo:


ParadeofLights 200

Many non-entrant boats were lit up on Saturday. (Photo:


ParadeofLights 218

Residential Christmas lighting displays in nearby Mandalay Bay are nice. People go on walking and boat tours of the area. (Photo:



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