Character Matters, Ideology Shouldn’t




cialis times;”> By Gregory J. Welborn

ask times;”>President Obama sits in the White House in no small part because of his criticisms of President Bush for relying on bad intelligence and lying.  So there’s some irony in Obama’s false claim that our intelligence services have mislead him in their assessment of the ISIS threat. But irony aside, dosage President Obama’s predicament illustrates that character matters, ideology shouldn’t, and that when all is said and done, Obama’s character flaws and subservience to ideology are destroying his presidency and endangering the nation.

The ability to admit error and take responsibility is a necessary prerequisite to successfully leading the country. Honesty is also critically important – not the little, political (I voted against something after I voted for it) white lie variety, but the bold, in-your-face, substantive variety. It is obvious by now that president Obama possesses neither the ability to admit error or the capacity to deal honestly with issues or the country as we saw last Sunday when Mr. Obama used “60 Minutes” as an opportunity to blame the intelligence community for his own failures. He said, “Well I think our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria”.

Notice who committed the error; he hadn’t messed up; he didn’t make a poor judgment. Mr. Clapper and the CIA are to blame. But here’s the problem. This stands in stark, glaring contrast to the facts known by the intelligence head and by the President. Mr. Clapper is an intelligent guy. It is inconceivable that he was unaware of Lt. Gen. Flynn’s Feb 11, 2014 Senate testimony in which he stated that ISIS was strong, was growing and would attempt to take more territory. Nor would Mr. Clapper be unaware of articles written by Senators McCain and Graham over the course of the last 15 months or so pointing out the very same reality. As of this writing, we now know that Mr. Clapper was aware of these things and that the President had in fact been briefed on them for many months.

To all who want to see, it is as clear as the sun rising in the east that Islamic terrorism is growing and poses a grave threat. And yet the President makes his bold-faced denial of any knowledge of ISIS’ rise and significance. This administration was also quick to deny that Islamic terrorism has again surfaced on our shores. I do not believe even 48 hours had passed before the Oklahoma beheading was being described as “workplace violence”- as if disgruntled recent converts to the Methodist denomination behead people.

President Obama is a smart guy. But he is not a wise man because ideology and personality are in the way. He is wedded to a Leftist ideology that insists America is the cause of almost all that’s wrong in the world, that there are no problems with a religion in which 10% to 20% of its adherents believe terrorism is justified, and that every foe can be reasoned into peace and harmony. Over and over again we hear apologies for our past sins, excuses that Islam is peaceful, and that resets and negotiations will solve our problems. This is not the real world; it is the mythical world of leftist ideology.

Secondarily, and perhaps more significantly, there is a deep narcissism in Mr. Obama that forces him to see all issues through the prism of how they affect him, not emerson.characterthe country. For those who doubt that narcissism is present, remember this is the man who told his chief of staff that he could do every job at the White House better than the person holding the position. That leak was the tip of an iceberg which convinced at least one Harvard-trained psychiatrist to publicly explain Obama’s behavior as extreme narcissism.

Since he sees himself as the only one truly capable of “transforming the United States”, of fully implementing a leftist ideology he believes will save the world, which he’s espoused since young adulthood, he cannot possibly see or admit to the folly of his world view, his policies or the danger they represent to the country.

Because of this, his presidency is failing. Because of this, America is failing in its responsibilities to its allies and to the civilized world. Because of this, President Obama cannot do the things which would rescue his presidency and our nation. For most people, these things are simple things: stop calling your predecessor a liar, stop demonizing Republicans, acknowledge there’s some wisdom on both sides of the aisle, compromise, learn some humility and admit you – not that someone else made a mistake.

If he could do these things, he might have a chance to save his presidency, protect us. and defend those who desperately need an active, muscular U.S. Because he cannot, it’s going to be a long 28 months of recurring examples of why character matters and ideology shouldn’t.

Gregory J. Welborn is a freelance writer and has spoken to several civic and religious organizations on cultural and moral issues. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 children and is active in the community. He can be reached [email protected]/


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C Muller
C Muller
6 years ago

Obama’s problem is much greater than “character,” which is very deficient. He also appears to hate America, its culture, the Constitution, families, Christianity and everything they stand for. He has provided numerous cues that he favors a Socialist or even Communist ideology.

I’m still baffled how this guy got elected- twice- even after voters had adequate time to observe and decide. The news media, schools, courts and Congress covered for him nearly every step of the way, covering up things, lying, bending election and immigration law, even twisting economic and social statistics. My statements should seem obvious to many people. What part of “G*damn America,” “spread the wealth,” “fundamentally transform the United States,” “Constitution only says what government can’t do,” America is racist, “America is not a Christian nation,” “you didn’t build that,” do YOU PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND?

Just asking. Have a nice weekend. Please take some time to study the election candidates and issues and understand how they affect our nation and people. If not, please don’t bother to vote.