Charles Munger, Jr. (NOT GOP) to Decide 2018 Republican Candidate for Governor?

A few days ago I published an article, “Why it is difficult for Conservatives to be a Republican”. The premise of the article is that the leadership of the Party is moving toward “Democrat Lite” and providing little difference between Republicans and Democrats.In California, this has been expedited by the Charles Munger, Jr. funded Prop. 14. This outlawed political parties from nominating candidates for partisan office. Thanks to prop.14 third political parties have been wiped off the electoral map in California. In both 2012 and 2014 there were 28 legislative races, out of 150, that had just one political party on the ballot. In time the political party without a candidate on the ballot in a district will atrophy into nothing. Instead we now have three political parties in the State: the unions, the very rich and the special interests.Now the GOP appears to make deals with Democrats, like Steve Glazer, and Democrats make don’t need to make deals since they have the unions, the very rich like Tom Steyer and the special interests—like Chevron that give oddles of money to Republicans and Democrats—and what you get is a Democrat that demands teachers pay bribes to unions in order to work in the classroom. Does that make Republicans feel better that he also opposes the High Speed Rail—just like Leftist Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom?


Charles Munger Jr.

In 2014 Republicans wanted a conservative Republican, someone with GOP values as our candidate for Governor. That was Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. The VERY RICH wanted Neil Kashkari—who openly admitted to voting for Barack Obama in 2008. Kashkari also ran the TARP program that gave your tax dollars to banks—many of which did not want the money, but Neil and President Obama demanded they take the money. Neil was naïve to believe the rich Republicans would take him through the November election—he is a bureaucrat, not a politician.

The rich in the GOP made sure that Kashkari had enough money to beat Donnelly in the primary. Once the primary was over the rich refused to return his phone calls or give him money against our very confused Guv Brown. Kashkari lost by 19.4%, he had no money, little GOP support and no Democrat or Decline to State support.

As we go into the run up to the 2018 governor’s race, without Jerry Brown on the ballot, who will the GOP get behind as their leading candidate? We are now finding out it does not matter.

In 2014 the California Republican Party spent not a dime for voter registration, per Chairman Jim Brulte and the Board of Directors. Instead all voter registration efforts on the Republican side were controlled and orchestrated by a PAC controlled by Charles Munger, Jr.

In the past the California Republican Party gave financial support to the County Republican Committees. For the 2013-14 cycle Chairman Brulte and the Board of Directors decided not to do it again. Instead, Charles Munger, Jr. personally gave money to the counties that he wanted to have money—no committee, just his decision.

Just before the November, 2014 election the California Republican Party did accept a $500,000 donation (not a typo) from the SEIU.

Now we find the GOP does not need to find a candidate for governor in 2018—Charles Munger, Jr. is taking care of that as well. My good friend Joel Fox in Fox & Hounds had a column, “2018 Gov Race Highlights Political Panel” In it he reports on another good friend, political consultant Kevin Spillane:

“Spillane’s certainty that Republicans will field a top candidate was summed up in one name – and that was not the name of any prospective candidate. The consultant said that wealthy Republican donor Charles Munger will make an effort to see that a strong Republican candidate is in the field.”

Will it be another Kashkari, a disenchanted Obama supporter, someone with no background in California public policy, politics or connection with conservatives?

In September the California Republican Party will hold a convention. The major issue will be the passage of a GOP Platform. In 2011 Munger supported a Democrat Lite platform—but it was defeated. Four years later, he will possibly get his wish—not a Republican Party Platform, something to show our values and principles. Instead we have a Prop. 14 Platform, something the Democrats will not be too angry with.

But, the volunteers and the grassroots will see this, turn it down and refuse to work with those in 2016 and 2018 that have made the GOP the Party without values or principles. They will work for candidates that stand for something besides just election. They will pick and choose the candidates they support, instead of the whole GOP ticket.

That is the good news. The bad news is that the 2014 election provided us in the primary and general election with the lowest voter turnout in history. It is possible that if too many volunteers and voters believe the GOP stands for nothing, they will not turn out to vote. We are told we need to run candidates that “match” the district. Does that mean in the San Fran Nan congressional District we run a far leftist? If so, will the few Republicans in the district even care to come out to vote?

At least no one is hiding the veto power influence Charles Munger, Jr. has on the Republican Party apparatus. The lack of votes in 2014 shows he has no control over the voters. Will the voters in 2016 return the GOP to its roots? Will the 2016 election results be based on the unions, special interests and the rich—or the needs, values and principles of the voters in the Democrat and Republican Parties?

What do you think?



Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank: Is the the publisher and editor of the California Political News and Views.  Mr. Frank speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a full time political consultant.

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