Charlie Hebdo and Santa Barbara News-Press–Free Speech Threatened!

EditorialBy George Miller


The world is outraged about the Islamic fundamentalist attack on Charlie Hebdo, as revenge for its cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad. Although offensive to some, they were fact-based and a legal action of a free press.


Now, much closer to home, the headquarters of the Santa Barbara News-Press, a regional newspaper, has been vandalized with graffitti, demonstrators protested and set an ultimatum for the publication. Storke Placita and the sidewalk near Santa Barbara City Hall were also defaced, according to Fox News. Protestors stopped traffic on State Street. Why? For describing illegal immigrants as “illegals.” Although it is not currently politically correct to say so in California, last time we checked, illegal entry to the USA, notwithstanding unconstitutional “executive orders,” is illegal.   “Illegals” is a widely used term, even as open borders advocates are attempting to marginalize it, in a scenario right out of the the iconic novel “1984,” where those in power tried to restrict the potential range of thinking by restricting the very language used for expression, which they called “Newspeak.”

If people wish to take political action to change the law, that’s all well and good- and legal. But, this action was the antithesis of legality. It was an obvious attempt to intimidate. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees right of free speech, That right has been upheld for all but the worst abuses of it- such as falsely yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

The perpetrators of  illegal bullying and felonious acts should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and their bullying acts repudiated by community leaders.  Is it possible that certain leaders have sent signals that it’s OK to break the law when it suits them?

“It is an appropriate term in describing someone as “illegal” if they are in this country illegally.”

– Statement from Santa Barbara News-Press

The local Santa Barbara online news site Noozhawk ran a story on the incident, saying that immigration activists questioning the use of the term “illegals” ran 200 demonstrators through town and the News-Press building ended up defaced.  The protestors’ claim that the Associated Press’ (AP) style guide eschews the use of the term (a recent development).  AP is a widely used international news service, utilized by local newspapers such as the Ventura County Star which can’t afford its own remote news bureaus (like us). It is also highly biased and promotes political “agendas,” usually disguised as “news.” So, we hardly think that AP is any gold standard for journalism and we are especially opposed to pressure groups using illegal tactics and intimidation.  Please note that THIS article is labeled “Editorial,” since it contains some opinion, even though it is in support of LEGAL courses of action.

Sovereignty Challenged

But the protesters have gone even a step further. The graffiti written right at the entrance to the News-Press read: “The border is illegal not the people who cross it.”  In other words, they are challenging the very right of our nation to determine its own borders and rules for entry, an unacceptable infringement upon U.S. sovereignty.  This was further borne out by descriptions of other graffiti and statements by protesters. If a nation can’t control its own borders, it’s not a nation.  Activists are challenging the very concept of nationhood, naively believing that we’ll all be one big happy family singing kumbaya.  They have already proven that very significant differences in views and approaches make some boundaries advisable.  Keep in mind that the country many of the protesters and families come from has far stronger immigration laws- and enforcement thereof- than those of the U.S.


See SB NP article:

News-Press office vandalized
As the French took Thursday to mourn the slaughter of a dozen people in retaliation for cartoons published in Paris-based Charlie Hebdo magazine poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad, … More»

Vandals Spray Paint Santa Barbara News-Press Office

Newspaper offices vandalized for using the term “illegals”


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.


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5 years ago

Attending yesterdays rally in support of the Santa Barbara News Press was yet another eye opener for America. At one point we were able to pick up some of the propaganda pamphlets on their table and were shocked to read their evil, destructive “plans” of our beautiful country and it’s “white” citizens.
One of the dozens of pamphlets, called “Abolish Whiteness” written on top of a large blood stain…??? really..?? yes, really.
I read the 8 1/2 pages of pure hatred, lies and distortions and it was chilling to say the least.
These angry, evil misguided militants must be exposed to all American citizens so we can awaken to the truth and protect ourselves and our country.

C Muller
C Muller
6 years ago
6 years ago

Thank you for the editorial, and your thoughts. Orwell was so far ahead of his time, but sadly, dead on.

Maria Espinoza
6 years ago

Santa Barbara News is correct in describing illegals as “illegals.” The newspaper’s freedom to exercise their right, as all Americans, is why America is “America.”
We must all vocalize our opposition to the insanity of ignoring and rewarding the lawless.

The Remembrance Project brings attention to the killings of Americans by illegal aliens. These ‘stolen lives’ would still be with their families if illegal aliens were not in our country in the first place. We will continue to memorialize American on the Stolen Lives Quilt.

~ Maria Espinoza, Nat’l Director

Charles Muller
Charles Muller
6 years ago

This may not be Charlie Hebdo, but the freedom of speech and intimidation issues are identical.

As far as the “borders” graffitti? They can just take their butts back to wherever they came from. As far as the natives who agree- how long do you think we’d have a country if we didn’t control our own borders? Not long, which is exactly what the “Reconquistas” who organized that thing are counting on- and the open borders internationalists believe.

6 years ago

What do you expect from the pro-crime/ pro-amnesty/ pro-illegal alien/ pro-open border pushers? They vandalized the Santa Barbara News-Press building the same day the Muslims murdered 12 people in Paris. Supposedly the illegal aliens came to the U.S. to get away from corruption, violence and oppression. They sure have a strange way of showing respect for the law of the nation they are clinging to. Illegal aliens should go back to their home country so they will be LEGAL instead of being illegal aliens in the U.S. Make demands on the people and the government of their home country instead of U.S. citizens. No one is forcing them to stay here.

6 years ago

Looks like Creep type groups have infiltrated our once beautiful
California! Complete with their own foreign army that feels it’s their right to attack our newspapers for telling the truth!
And Mexican Indian dancers? Our dancers were Native American dancers!
Or do they think they also belong here?