Charlottesville: The Unity No One Talks About (Yet)



By Mike Smith

Napoleon’s words caution us to never interrupt an enemy when he makes a mistake. Even so, fake conservative lawmakers still play the part of tool in the Left’s divide and conquer strategy, ever ready to ignore history’s lessons. Those with the most reason to keep the President’s words in context are always among the first to distort them. It is no lie to say there was more than one brand of hate on display in Charlottesville—the camera footage proves it.

Three innocents lost their lives in Charlottesville, but that’s not the only tragedy. This violent, Stalingrad-esque skirmish should be remembered for the bad joke it is, but the Republican Party owns the punch line. Sorry folks, but (again) the Left just couldn’t be let alone to own the blowback from its own foolish actions. President Trump highlighted that the extremist hatred was not exclusively white nationalist—a demonstrable fact. But helping advance that truth makes too much sense to some “conservatives”, apparently.

Unity is not what most think it is, and liars control our society’s vocabulary. Charlottesville was organized along ideological lines, not racial. It was not a white or black nationalist rally, nor was it a “rally” at all. Charlottesville was a totalitarian riot—freedom haters on opposite ends of society’s extreme, united by a mutual hatred of freedom lovers despite bitter differences between them. Their mutual racial prejudices don’t matter, despite their hysterical violence and rhetoric. And why should they? Morality and wisdom are not defined by race or racial theory.

It’s not about what divides groups like Antifa and “Unite The Right”, but what unites them all that matters. These terrorist groups are still as one against all freedom lovers; they care more about defeating America than anything that separates them. Unity is not so universal now, is it? Of course, it never was—and is not the ultimate ideal, either. Unity can be wonderful, but we must be careful what we wish for.

Charlottesville was a showdown between the very worst among us. For freedom lovers, there was no winner—there could not have been. And so it will go on, from community to community, until morality and religion return as our great uniting glue. This means accepting that grassroots America is a swamp, only we can drain it, and it must happen soon. Our President cannot drain the D.C. swamp without us draining the original source that has filled it.

Shameless liars control our society. We must decide on whose terms their removal from control will happen. If we choose unity over liberty, it will take a form far worse than anything that happened in Charlottesville. And no, the racial reconciliation both Antifa and “Unite The Right” seek to prevent will never happen with them loose on our streets. How could it—they’re both in the same business!

Unity can be good only if it operates by the wise constraints that can make us free.

Mike Smith is a writer, Millennial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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One Response to Charlottesville: The Unity No One Talks About (Yet)

  1. William Hicks August 14, 2017 at 9:12 am

    A lesson can be learned from General Lee when, at the end of the Civil/War of Northern Aggression, at a communion service at his Episcopal Church, a Black man came up to the alter for Communion. Everyone in the Church went silent while General Lee proceeded to kneel next to the Black Man for Communion.

    It wasn’t words that he said, but General Lees actions that made the difference.


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