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Note from Citizens Journal, Ventura County’s REAL news

More than 60% of our readers now access (AKA Citizens Journal- Ventura County) via a mobile device- mostly phone or tablet. This is a huge increase over what we had originally when we started in 2013.

We updated our Citizens Journal mobile app for improved usability/readability. Check it out and let us know what you think.


There is a slider at the top showing the latest postings. You can scroll down for other recent content.

As before, you can look at a mobile or “desktop” version on your phone. It works for most phones. The few that don’t work should default to a desktop version like you would see on a home computer. When you first log on to, the app should default to mobile mode. You can switch from mobile to desktop using the sliding “mobile/desktop” icon at the bottom of the page.

The system shows you the most recent posts by default. You can also look at Citizens Journal by section, by clicking the menu icon (top of page, right), which looks like this:

Current menu choices are: Welcome, News, Editorial, Columns, Headlines, Events Calendar, Feature, Candidates Corner, Lifestyle, Recipes, Police Blotter, Press Releases, Letters, Vets-Military, Oxnard/PortHueneme/Camarillo/Somis, Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park/Westlake, Simi Valley/Moorpark/Fillmore, Ventura/Santa Paula/Ojai, Contact Us.

Searching for articles: You can look for older CJ articles by section, or using the search function on the mobile version (magnifying glass icon) or desktop version. We have learned that using a search engine such as Google with the words “Citizens Journal” followed by the right keywords is an effective way to find our articles.

Some readers have reported problems with making mobile app reader comments (at the bottom of every article). This version looks easier, but let us know if you have any problems.  You can post comments to articles or a general letter to the editor in the menu “Letters” section.

Many readers access Citizens Journal via Facebook. That has not changed lately.

Keep in mind that Citizens Journal is a volunteer-operated publication, subsisting mostly on donations and a few ads- [email protected] Both are needed and appreciated to keep us publishing, as we do have operating expenses and pay for some services/content. Would you be willing to consider even a small monthly donation or one-time contribution? Would you be willing to volunteer- [email protected] to help us with one or more tasks?

We have published over 17,000 articles, plus thousands more events on our web, Facebook, Twitter and email (sample) (subscribe FREE) versions.


Happy New Year to everyone!

George Miller, [email protected]

Debra Tash, [email protected]

One Response to Check Out Updated Citizens Journal Mobile App Today

  1. Citizen Reporter December 27, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    A Reader inquiry received today:

    Q: I clicked the link to take me to the iPhone version of the CJ (that you are calling an “app”), but I usually download/install “apps” from the App Store, and it places a unique icon on my phone’s homescreen.

    Without using the link in the email you sent, how does one access the iPhone version of the CJ?

    I’m sure I’m just being a dummy and not realizing how simple it is, but would you give me a hint or two?


    Btw, I really like the CJ’s iPhone version. It’s far easier and more intuitive than the Red Star! Good job!!!

    A: Sure!

    The app is on our server, so you don’t have to fuss with it and we don’t steal your data, as certain unnamed competitors do. When you go to htp://, it should automatically detect if it’s a phone and offer the mobile version. There are a few phones it doesn’t recognize. When that happens, it treats one like a desktop computer!


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