Chip Bok: The Chickenshit has come home to roost—Help us keep the Chip on board!

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An article in the Atlantic reveals that an anonymous White House staffer wanted it known he thinks Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “chickenshit“. Seemed like a chickenshit thing to do.

The White House is making no effort to identify the chicken.

According to Politico  staffers have also said Secretary of State John Kerry is tumbling untethered through space like Sandra Bullock in the movie “Gravity”. Meanwhile, President Obama has become so untethered from popular support chances are he’ll lose the Senate on Tuesday.

Another Politico story says that the administration is so worried about the midterms it sent forth cabinet members like flying monkeys to scare up votes. Alas:

Their efforts do not appear to have done any good. Obama’s numbers, if anything, have gone down, and the only question Democrats are going into Tuesday with is how many losses they’re going to suffer.

Could be his cabinet secretaries were unenthusiastic after losing influence to the White House staff. (From the first Politico piece)

Earlier, Obama’s first two secretaries of defense, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta, published books criticizing his decisions on national security. Specifically, they complained that Obama has brought so much responsibility into the executive office of the president that it has paralyzed the White House’s ability to think strategically.

The National Security Council itself has grown from about 50 people under President George W. Bush to just under 400 people under Obama, Reuters reported.


Many of whom are young and inexperienced.

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