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    Christians Fight Back Against ‘Transgender Pronoun’ Lunacy


    The fight for acceptance of and promotion of transgenderism has reached some astonishing lengths. In the United Kingdom, employers reportedly have the power to dismiss employees if they don’t agree to lie about someone else based on their gender dysphoria.

    And now the Christian Concern has launched a petition to have that precedent overturned.

    The appeal is addressed to the Secretary of State for Justice, MP Dominic Raab, asking the government to protect the rights of workers not to be compelled to use “transgender pronouns.”

    There have been two recent legal rulings, in the cases of Maya Forstater and Dr. David Mackereth, that make it clear “the freedom to believe that sex is biological is protected. In other words, you can disagree – at least in principle – with the use of transgender pronouns and not lose your job for it.”

    But the organization explained in reality, that isn’t the situation.

    Mackereth, a former government disabilities assessor, was dismissed from his job “for refusing to lie about a person’s sex.”

    He was informed by a court that “he had every right to hold his Christian views, including Biblical views on sex and gender – just as Ms. Forstater’s case confirmed.”

    But the court ruled he was not allowed to reveal those in the workplace.

    Click here to see, and sign, the online petition.

    Christian Concern explained, “This means workers, including Christian workers, who don’t want to use ‘transgender pronouns’ in the workplace could be compelled to do so or face dismissal. This is an appalling attack on both freedom of religion and belief, and freedom of expression.”

    Mackereth explained, “My case affects everyone, not just me and Bible-believing Christians, but anyone who is concerned by compelled speech and transgender ideology being enforced on the NHS and other public services.”



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    1 month ago

    Funny, I’m a Christian, and this still sounds like homophobia. It’s sad that some Christians don’t follow the Bible, and love thy neighbor.

    C E Voigtsberger
    C E Voigtsberger
    1 month ago
    Reply to  Jane

    I can love my neighbor, I just don’t want his/her/their/thems sexual proclivities thrust into my space. I have absolutely zero interest in whatever conduct they practice in their homes as long as it doesn’t involve minors. I don’t care if they are in a relationship with their parakeet. I just don’t want it blatantly shoved in my face when I am out and about. I don’t want it shoved in my face by an employee who is charged with providing customer service to me as part of their job. I don’t want it shoved in my face when I turn on television or listen to what passes for current music these days.

    I always thought the military services’ policy of “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.” was the model we should all follow.

    Just keep it to yourself and we will get along fine. I promise I won’t ask if you promise you won’t tell.

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