Christmas thanks

By Wayne Allyn Root


Christmas Eve is a perfect time to give thanks.

First, thanks to the Las Vegas Review Journal, RJ owner Sheldon Adelson, my publisher Craig Moon, Editors Keith Moyer and John Kerr, and the entire RJ staff for giving me this amazing platform to spread conservatism, patriotism and common sense. I hear from conservatives all over the Vegas Valley every day how much they appreciate the RJ and my column.

Secondly, thanks to all of you. I appreciate your overwhelming number of “Letters to the Editor” and emails directly to me, both pro and con. It’s obvious I’ve struck a chord. That’s the point of being a political commentator- to make readers think and react. I’m gratified that I’ve succeeded.

Because my RJ column is so often chosen by as one of the most significant opinion columns in America, it has attracted high-profile attention from liberal media across the country. Their disdain for me is proof that I’ve hit a bullseye. Liberals are scared to death of common sense and the truth. So, I’m thankful for their attention, hatred and fear. It motivates me. Please send more my way! Every time you attack me, it means I’m succeeding.

I’m thankful for the things that liberal media experts predicted so wrong in 2017:

*”If Trump wins the stock market will crash.” Stocks went up the most in one year in history.

* “If Trump wins, the economy will be destroyed.” GDP is almost triple Obama’s 8 year GDP average. 2.2 million jobs have been created since Trump’s election. Manufacturing just had the best job creation month in history.

* “If Trump passes the tax cut and tax reform, it will be a disaster.” The day it passed the biggest companies in America announced hundreds of billions of dollars in new investment, bonuses, raises, charitable donations and new jobs. Trump just supercharged the US economy.

* “If Trump dares recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Middle East will burn.” Trump did it. A few wild-eyed radicals screamed. Nothing happened. They are all talk. Trump called their bluff. Bravo.

* “Trump’s foreign policy is a disaster. He’ll get us into WWIII.” Trump routed ISIS in record time- without ground troops, without getting us into a war.

* “Cryptocurrencies are a scam.” Actually, money backed by government is the scam. America owes $20 trillion in debt. We spend ourselves further into bankruptcy every day. Pensions are unfunded. The Social Security “lockbox” is empty. No wonder people invest in cryptocurrency and gold.

*And my personal favorite: “Trump won’t last a year, Trump will be impeached…Russia, Russia, Russia!” It turns out the real criminals are the investigators from the FBI, DOJ, and Team Mueller. The fix was in. This was FBI agent Peter Strzok’s infamous “insurance policy.” A fraudulent witch-hunt against Trump if he managed to win.

Guess who is more likely to end up in prison?

First, there’s Hillary Clinton and everyone involved in the Uranium One deal.

Second, there’s everyone involved in the Clinton Foundation- just as I’ve predicted for years.

Third, the FBI leadership led by Mueller, Comey, McCabe and Strzok. They are all panicking because they know Trump has them in his crosshairs.

Fourth, Obama and his aides involved in protecting Hezbollah terrorists, drug traffickers, gun runners and sex slave traffickers, in order to save the Iran deal. Trust me, this is about to explode into the biggest scandal in the history of US politics. Ben Rhodes is right in the middle of this. Rhodes was the architect of the Iran deal. I’m betting Ben Rhodes is very nervous right now.

It’s clear now that Liberals wanted to fix the election to prevent Trump from being in a position to investigate the DC swamp. They had to stop him at all costs. Trump is the first politician to ever win a fixed election!

Once he won, liberals had to come up with a new plan to stop him from investigating the massive corruption of Obama and Clinton. Hence fake dossiers, illegal wire taps, illegal unmasking, a crooked investigation and the highest levels of “fake news” and media slander in world history.

They failed. Trump’s in charge. The AG office announced investigations of Uranium One and the Bundy case in the past 24 hours. Ho, ho, ho. This is a great holiday gift.

Merry Christmas.


Wayne Allyn Root ([email protected]) is host of the nationally-syndicated “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show.” Listen from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and watch at 5 PM on Newsmax TV- now on DirecTV and Dish. His R-J columns run Thursdays and Sundays.

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