Citizen asks about Ventura Fire Dept. workload vs resources

By Daniel Cormodefire.ventura-hill

Letter to Ventura Fire Chief

Chief Endaya,

I have reviewed your presentation scheduled for the City Council Meeting on 17 Oct 2016 and have a question.

Plotting the Rate of Incidents Per 1,000 Population reveals that the Incident Rate increased 400% between 1974 and 2015.  The number of firefighters on duty increased only 15% during that same time period.

What were the average response times per year during the years of 1974 through 2015?

Could an increase in response time be an indication that the Fire Department is being overstressed due to lack of personnel and equipment?


Provided by Daniel Cormode, from Ventura Fire Dept. data


  • Daniel Cormode


Editor’s note: The true situation is even more remarkable, as population increased, per Mr.Cormode, from 64 thousand in 1974 to 118,416 in 2015- 83%, or 1.8 times as great. while incidents reported increased from 1,975 to 14,632 in the same period of time, 7.4 times as great. He did not supply response time data.

During that time, he said, the typical number of firefighters on duty increased from 19 to 23, only 1.2 times greater. It would be interesting to learn how that was possible.


The Fire Dept. will be discussed at the upcoming City Council meeting:

Monday, October 17, 2016

06:00 pm


Regular Meeting

Council Chambers, 501 Poli Street, Ventura, CA


Item 1
Approval of Minutes of the special and regular meetings of September 19, 2016

Item 2
Acceptance of Fiscal Year 2015 Assistance to Firefighters Grant

Item 3
Adoption of State Building Standards Codes

Item 4
Amendment to Saticoy Lemon Association Water Well Agreement

Item 5
Fire Department Update

Item 6
Annexation Potential for Areas within City Sphere of Influence

Daniel Cormode is a Ventura resident and the Chairman of the Planning & Development Committee for The East Ventura Community Council.

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